Manhattan Transfer- You'se A Viper

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Manhattan Transfer- You'se A Viper

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Manhattan Transfer- You'se A Viper I've been looking for this version for 40 years. When WMMR in Philadelphia couldn't get sponsors after 2AM, DJ/engineer Paul Messing assembled hour long tapes with a stream of consciousness style under the title "OPUS". One of them included this song which segued perfectly into the Carnegie Hall recording of "Sing Sing Sing" without dropping a beat.
Fats Waller's version is still waaay better
This was pretty "early" stuff by them. I posted another off the same album called "Sunny Disposish" , if you're interested. Thanks for commenting. Richard.
Thanks for adding this. Manhattan Transfer never refers to this song as I think the newest grouping is embarrassed by it. Great rag time jazz cover.