Mariah Carey - Forever

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Mariah Carey - Forever

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Mariah Carey - Forever mine ...
Our wedding song...
Best is not enough to describe Mariah Carey. She literally has everything I am looking for in an artist.
Her voice is like silk. Love her
Who can sing flawlessly?
Well, I think that we can agree that Mariah is THE ONLY OOOOOONNNNNEEEEE!!!!
You will always be the only one Mariah...
You will always be the only one Mariah...
2:41 the sustain was impeccable
So amazing.... Love your hits much.... Hope i can see u n person my idol.... Godbless you...😂
There is only one queen !!!
Essa música só me remete ao namoro de adolescência, no sofá nas tardes durante a semana, após o colégio, muito beijo, carinho, romance e um pouco de erotismo!
Era um namoro tão erótico, intenso e ao mesmo tempo tão sublime e inocente.
this song is so beautiful i cant stop crying
true angel
#1 vocalist of all time
I will love Mariah forever for the way she sang this song.
i wish i could see her perfect body and perfect voice like this😢
beautiful songs
actually, this song is much more difficult than I will always love you. I declare that anyone performed successfully I will always love u fails in this song😎😎😎
u will always be the only one mariah 😄😄😄