Mariah Carey - Forever

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Mariah Carey - Forever

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Mariah Carey - Forever among all mariah songs, This one is the most touching heart. really.
Iloveyou always Marian Carey..2017 watching
La mejor voz
I love Mimi Forever. She IS the BEST female vocalist of ALL TIME. Her songwriting skills are un paralleled, God appointed and anointed! I could listen ALL DAY LONG. Thank you Miss Mariah for your hard work, dedication, and love of people through music. You heal. YOU will always be the only one. Let's write a brand new smash hit single together! When I am feeling down, you make the sun shine. XO, Amatielle-#Lambily 4 Life -we Stay in Love
She has is the eighth wonder of the world one of my favourites to sing along to !
初めてL.Aに行った時繰り返し聴いてました。マライアの曲でこの曲が1番好きです。好き過ぎて同じCD2枚目です( ´ ▽ ` )
Awesome Mariah Carey!
EVERYTIME i see this I cry . LoL I don't know why.. is the music the feeling and her she's perfection
Im still having a hard time believing u r gone baby. Its been 3 years since u went to rest in heaven! My soul mind body heart still yearns 4 u! Love u baby! Til we meet again!! Jodi to autry! Forever
you are the only one Mariah...❤
♥ Nice throwback. Love MC forever ♥
Awsome!!! Mariah hands down rocks!! Had me in tears and melted my heart. Truly awsome!!
mganda tlga ang voice nya....n kaka indak sbyang lalo n yng brit nya grabe ang taas
Her agility is so lush
You will be the only one Mariah, l love your voice, such a great talent
I just love how she sings with so much raw emotions like it was her song and her song only , no cover
since mi & mi bby dad seperate I lisen Tis song. . everyday
mariah carey when she was still looking like genuine
please come back to the source mariah
we love your music
mariah carey has changed a lot cause everybody changes
I still like her