Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version)

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Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version)

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Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version) Nobody and I mean fucking nobody can transport emotions in a song like Mariah! It's not possible!!!
My tune my music nice music video my song still listening in 2018 beautiful voice love u Maria
Lip sync
Still mariah's avid fan 😙😘😘..
its my Fav song from the track!
.. Wonderful music,, love it❤️❤️❤️
OHH MY GOD ALL That TALENT in that Magical Voice <3 I will love you FOREVER !!!  Only Mariah Carey.
She is the only one in this world can sing in this way.I 💘 her very much!!!😘😘😘😘😘Her music is very special and nobody can sing this song.You are the number ☝.
She is the 👑
The Ultimate Supreme Vocalist of all time.
Mariha voice is so good i love this song
U too
La Mariah Carey de la cual me enamoré con su música en los 90s. Lo que vino después fue otra cosa. Y aunque ya no soy tan fan como antes, sigue siendo una de las más grandes divas de la música pop.

The greatest voice of all time
I'm gonna go out on a limb and just say it---Mariah is the best female singer ever [sorry Adele :( ]
the queen, in the univers.
SEPHORA, fermé. Foule, devant. Course, privée. Mariah Carey, achète un gel, contour des yeux, CLINIQUE. Avenue des Champs-Elyséees. Paris. FRANCE.
My Music Dictionary, My IDOL. Everything! Happy Birthday Mariah Carey! <3
Such a loving song ❤️ I want to dedicate it to my baby. So sweet, YOU WILL ALWAYS BEEEEE THE ONLYYYYYY ONEEEEE
Is a ode to my soul ,thanks Mariah