Mariah Carey - Forever

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Mariah Carey - Forever

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Mariah Carey - Forever Hi lambs!! This is my new original song called "My Song" inspired by the beautiful music Mariah and Walter made back in the ´90
I hope you like it, thank you for the support!!
how lol
rock chick here, totally love Mariah Carey Forever...that's right, I said it...
a living doll and a borderline genius. that's right, I said it......
This song right here!
Incrível 😌🎶❤
Quand Mariah savait chanter...
0:24 is that Tommy Mottola at the back of Mariah?
The queen of anything sung ever !
o show que eu queria ter assistido
way to drop the hammer yes so this track here is a much when m the c hammer oh ohed and cashed to everybody's
Young and pretty.
I have to say that mariah Carey is an enigma to me she can definitely hit a high note like no other female on this planet. and she has had to endure a lot of hate because of it. nonetheless she deserves all the allcolades that she has won period point blank!
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hey,Mariah Carey i'm gonna name my daughter after you but her name is going to be Mariah Rebecca Katherine
can someone clone her and Whitney Huston please.
Her goodness is so tangible... through her voice and her body language. You can see in her eyes that she loves what she does and that she loves the people her music touches. Even today at her live shows this is evident. God bless Mariah <3