Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version)

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Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version)

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Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version) Jehovah God and Jesus Christ has the keys to forever John 17:3,in your bible,Mariah..
2019 and still strong Mariah Carey your my Queen of soul
still Mariah Carey ❤❤❤
amo essa música linda dimais
I made a promise ... FOREVER!
I love this woman so much
listen to forever almost everyday!
a copy of ''and i will always be with you'' but worst
i m a fan but truth hurts
I Love This Song Forever
Wow. I haven't heard this in forever! So good. This whole album was great. 1995! Makes me wanna dig out my CD! ☺🎉
Mariah Carey - forever (daydream , 1996)
Some of the comments here remind me of a line from Mariah's song Outside (Irreversibly Falling in between And it's hard And it's hard To be understood
As you are As you are)

Why is it hard for people to accept the fact that Mariah is a multi-faceted vocalist and not pigeonhole her into any music category? I believe that her catalog already has a few songs for lovers of different musical genres. I personally love If It's Over, Vanishing and Forever but if Mariah limited herself to such a kind of music, I think we today wouldn't have Touch My Body or Obsessed or I'm That Chick, all of which I profusely enjoy. If we dictate what Mariah will do or limit what she ought to do then aren't we becoming anti Mariah, negating her concept of Butterfly? Chill 🎉
Mariah, I grew up with your song. I really love you, you're so special ❣️
Mariah has such innate musicality and artistry. It's her deft switching between breathy voice and full belting, as well as her runs and embellishments, that make this song so amazing. If another singer just sings this song's notes straight, it would sound flat and boring. But Mariah's artistry makes this song incredible.
I am sure if all Mariah's songs will be played on the radio they will all be number 1. The new generation should be taught about the real music...
2.30 : leads to the new inspiration for another masterpiece song.... we belong tegether
😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💕💖💕 Love this song
Liebe. Frau. Carey, wie haben. Sie das. Showgescheft, so viele. Jahre, über die. Bühne gebracht? Unzählige. Konzerte, zwei. Kinder und einen. Mann, der ein. Arschloch ist. Und. Sie sind noch immer, gleich hübsch, wie vor 30 Jahren