Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version)

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Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version)

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Mariah Carey - Forever (Live Video Version) Pour toujours. Ces jours de lamour sont partis notre temps à passé et Cependant je brûle encore et encore tout de ma vie seulement pour toi
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romieo Solomon..
O.m.g I love u my love 4 ever😍😘💘
I love Mariah Carey and all of her songs albums.. but this one i mean I have chils ups and downs .. now i guessed i play this song more than 100 times just to listen to it .. and I feel all the emotions and love with these song.❤
you will always be the only one forever
Forever💞- close to my heart forever! This is music. Look at our Queen Mariah running upstairs at 2:07 and look at those lovely finger movements at 2:17 and that lovely Japanese girl with a bouquet in her hand who started crying at 2:22. It was such an emotional part. I am so much in love with Mariah's music forever. Mariah-an angel in disguise. This part is just so heavenly- 2:07-2:43. 💞
I miss 90's Mariah so much. I miss the damn 90's so much too in general. ❤❤
Love voice and chorus. Mariah is in my heart, forever!!!
Her,celine dion and whitney houston the 3 best female singers of all time plus I like pink too :)
I used to try to sing this as a kid. I couldn't really reach it but it gave me hope to be singer! Ahhhh memories
@Tokyo Dome
Love it
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You can see the sorrow in her eyes
2018 anyone?
Your the Best for me mariah ..... I love you very much mariah....
She sounds absolutely amazing👌💗
This definitely one of her most underrated songs! Just listening to it makes me smile and think about great things in life! I love Mariah and Daydream so much!
my god she truly is gifted!