Mariah Carey - GTFO

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Mariah Carey - GTFO

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Mariah Carey - GTFO What upbaby kid im say hi that it bybe
I love Mariah and her music so much. Can wait to see you in UK
Minha Mimi!
I will always love Mariah :) She's from the golden age of my years when I listening to cassette tapes to drown out the chaos in life. Mariah and Whitney were my everything <3 So happy to see her healthy and still doing what she loves ^^. Music today wouldn't be what it is without artists like her.
regrettable d'avoir une si belle voix et de ne penser qu'à montrer son décolleté.... et pas que. Où est la Mariah de Hero ?
I try to be nice to all people. But honestly sometimes it’s very difficult. And I am like singing calmly “How About you Get to Fuck Out?” to those mean people..... true story..... 🤣
Saudades de quando eu ouvia e Mariah Carey e chorava sem nenhum motivo!
Hino injustiçado
Nobody does it like Mariah ! But some respek on her name ! Hell when I heard this song I didn't even realize she was cussing until a good 2 minutes in 😂. But FR Mariah is just pure iconic-love her !
mariah this song is really relaxing i like it i have been loving you since VISION OF LOVE
BITCH!!!! And I mean it
Almost a year of an iconic song and album.
when she said bulldozed my heart as if you planned it.. i FELT that shit ❤️
I'll let mariah swear to me til' I die
down with the usa and R§B
This production is taken from porter Robinson’s “goodbye to a world”
I’ve just been appreciating the dynamics she uses in her songs! The breathy vocals with the octave unison in her lower register below the breathy vocals. The way she pronounces a harsh phrase in the sweetest way possible making it ironic. Her adlibs! And almost call and answer the constant transitions between falsetto and chest voice and her lower register. Beautiful as always! And finally her melismas and runs throughout the song. Not to mention her production and writing! She is a true artist not just a singer.
the way she moves is just amazing period . shes so gorgeous omg
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