Mariah Carey - GTFO

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Mariah Carey - GTFO

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Mariah Carey - GTFO “I don’t mean to be rude but take your shit and leave” powerful lyrics
Mariah cussing. Bad girl.
And I love your hair...those curls.
You face is beat. Work!
Idk, just seems like she's trying waaaay too hard here.
Queen of R&B
Girl this song is an anthem
Best anthem ever when u feeling like hey just GTFO
her lip sync at 0:48 though
Ugh, im obsessed with this song!!! 🎶🎶
lmao this song is pretty sure copyright strikable just search "goodbye to a world" by porter robinson
Deserve more viewers and listeners
This piece of garbage puts an end to Carey's career. For many years now she hasn't been able to produce a decent song, and now she gets literally indecent with this whorish language. And a whorish video. We used to adore you, but you're getting old ugly, bimbo :)
This song needs more attention
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