Mariah Carey - GTFO (Official VIdeo)

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Mariah Carey - GTFO (Official VIdeo)

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Mariah Carey - GTFO (Official VIdeo) Don't need to tell me about it I've had my share of heartache and emotionally abused and assaulted and raped.
A super talented artist like you deserves a better attention on your songs , this one is anyway a masterpiece , but not enough for a hit , justin bieber could sing it , long gere is for private use it wont let you sell any other copy of this , your voice does not need that . Wrong choices i am sorry not an ippocrite . Have a nice day beauty .
Me talking to my demons.
What song ? all I see is posing ...I remember back when she was good.
She's a fallen angel😻😻
Mariah says curse words in cursive
Mariah Carey GTFO Music ONE Lipstick Queen Pink House
How am I only just now noticing her giant ass earrings?
Stop cursing me
Burra le copiaste a poter Robinson
Cute song, but this has nothing on Millie Jackson's Fuck You Symphony.
"Thank you i'll say Goodbye soon"

oh no, I was wrong with song :v
99.5 Play FM, Rookie Radio, and their management could just like to add Mariah Carey's "GTFO", "With You", and "A No No" to any program as the new songs.
Dat way-------->
porterrobinsonporterrobinsonporterrobinson porterrobinsonporterrobinson
Queen 👑