Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

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Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

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Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved .
Hellow guys, chenael aku berisi tentang pemecahan dalam program aplikasi android untuk tipe 4.4.2. salah satunya adalah pembahasan tentang screen recording dan masih banyak lagi penasaran silahkan langsung di cek guys.
Beautiful song 😍 beautiful voice love it 💋💖
The song is great but i think the music video would have been more powerful if it followed the lyrics to the song. The rain pouring down as he waits for his great love not sure if it's all in vain.
21 July 2018 hands up
Maroon 5's best song till date
Amei o clipe 😘
A música da minha vida amo de mais .....
libog lang yan doi
But she’s actually the worst mom, if I found out my mom made out with my boyfriend several times i would honestly disown her
It's impressive that Maroon 5 is one of the very few bands from the early 2000s that still make music and manage to have a big precense in the music industry after all these years.
Who wants a MILF, if your gf is this hot
June 2018<3
I'm glad they started making contrived radio-friendly bullshit! This is a little too deep for my liking!
Still my jam in 2018 🔥😍
Anyone else feels bad for the daughter
underrated song
I need a part 2 to this video