Master Blaster - Hypnotic Tango (Video Edit)

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Master Blaster - Hypnotic Tango (Video Edit)

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Master Blaster - Hypnotic Tango (Video Edit) This was on one of these shitty hit compilation CDs they sold in every store.
I listened to stuff like this on my walkman when I was 8 and I'll never know why.
How to destroy a beautiful song
ohh man...die gleich scheiße in grün! klingt wie HP-Baxter auf Speed...:D
Das Original klingt immer noch am besten...alt aber bewährt!! ;)
I was waiting it for a whole day at viva :)
Master Blaster... one of the biggest gays back in the days...
To były czasy... Kiedy muzyka była cudem i balsamem dla ucha. Teraz się zastanawiam,który Chopin jest ukojeniem.....
Old Times! :D The Future Retro! :)
Look on the floor and all is spinning around
Someone told me this was just a dance
And take a chance ain't met before
Do you think I really have a chance?
still my jam
jaram akhi masami blakas.....MASTER BLASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Просто я решил круто музыка
Sais une chanson que je cherche mai jarivai pas à la trouvé mai elle et jenial
2018? 😁😍
Haha still remember this tunes while dancing with my crush in the summer of 2002 and then we gone separated 1 year on she married her new prince while i still seeking my right princess after multiple break ups with other princesses
My mine is the best
Thats how i like my girls.. Not that fat butted thick eyebrowed wanna be khardashians look a likes from today... Ah i want to be 20 again so bad
Nadal wpada w ucho i rusza nogą.. a nawet obiema.. ;)
Jest pompa..
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