Master of Tides - Lindsey Stirling

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Master of Tides - Lindsey Stirling

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Master of Tides - Lindsey Stirling Nope I don`t luv you at all
and not a drop of water on her face..... could someone explain that?
she makes great songs, but im 11 what do i know
I'm in love with this I could probably listen to it all day and wouldn't get tired she is AMAZING!!!!!
Ok who wants, wait let me say that again, who needs Lindsey Sterling to get together with 2CELLOS
Why six?!?!!!!
muy chebre el tema
Where was this filmed?
I don't know why but this music makes me want to cry with joy! Come on Lindsey, show 'em what you got!
love this video the most
you now
that video made me to love your songs
Quelle beauté 😍😍🎻🎻🎼
우와 완전 멋져요!!! 이 모습을 본 어린아이들도 어른들도 순수하고 아름다운 꿈의 마법을 불어넣어줄 멋진 무대네요!!!
shes a gift to the world
you are awesome Lindsay sterling i listen to you music while studying and it helps me to concentrate well.
живака неадобно бусурмане !!!!!!!!!
но на постановку похоже (((
на звуке тоьно бы в штанишки ! )
хороши цигане !!! )