Maître Gims - Changer

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Maître Gims - Changer

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Maître Gims - Changer Tout est super
Au début on dirait qu'il est forcé de tenir le truc
When you find your dream girl you try your best to make her happy in anyway
But you still don't know what to do, what to talk about, where to go.
You finally got back from school , you got back home and texted her she answers you and tells you that her mother is so sick, you get worried because you don't want to see her crying. The next day you told her if she wanted to hang out she accepted. The time comes and you met her, you got her a drink she tells you that her mother can't hear theses try to calm her. She calmed a little , she tells you that she want to have fun a little and forget about her mother.
The next day you tell your mom that you want to go and check on her and her mother you find that her mother died. and the worst part you see her crying and that what you really don't want to see you go to her and try to calm you say you got me she slaps and tells you that it's not the time for this. you she runs away and tells you to leave her for a while . you left her.
The next day you texted her because you are worried but it seems that she doesn't answer you, you go to her home and knock the door she doesn't open. You try to get inside or sneak from the window but everything is closed.

After a week you decided to destroy the door you finally got inside you scream for her name she doesn't answer. You search every room you got to her room and open the door.

You stand in the door with broken heart you found her dread she killed her self with a knife you starts to scream and say no NOOO WHY WHY DID YOU FO THAT WHYY you start to cry with out stoping. You knew these days you were bad to her .

After 10 years you go and visit her house
You went to her room and oh find a paper.
That paper was behind the mirror. You read...

|. I. Did that because I can't |
|. |
|. |
|. |
|. Live without my mom sorry..
|. But don't forget that I love you.|
|. |

You cried.
And kill your self in the same place and the same knife. 🍴

*You wanted to change the history*.

Ay! What do you think about this?
And..I'm not English btw..what you think about my English am I good?
Thanks for reading!
IL est beau LE chien-loup qu'on voit dans le clip😇 ses paroles sont captivantes
C à maison l'afitte je suis partis 1000 fois la bas (c'été le châteaux de Louis 14)😝
Elle est belle réel,et une chanson pour beaucoup de gens
Bravo j'adore ❤️
👏 lol...
S'il arrête de porter de la fourrure je l'aimerai encore plus!
Tu est trop fort
People will bitch about anything. This song is great and I hear people saying its shit what Fuck bro just listen and you will understand... Si mi amigo
can someone please translate me what this song is about???? I can only Hear beautifully it sound, nothing else.. but if you could just help me and tell me what this song is about that'd be very nice to you!! xo
Good from egypt
mon amis mon avenir ma vie ses toi
ma prefere cool mon per é fan
Merci pour cette chanson sa m as fait réfléchir et j'ai su changer Merci du fond du coeur ❤
Cette musique ma toucher
Trop je la ciffe
superbe '' parole ''
Depuis cette chanson tout le monde dit qu'il a fais un pacte avec le diable 😢😢 même si moi je ne crois pas