Meet Team DJ | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)

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Meet Team DJ | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)

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Meet Team DJ | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10) Deanna Smith
Heavy breahting intesifies.
DJ is a dick...a very dishonest dick. The only reason he picked Sparks is because he was being a whiny b****. He said put all differences aside but he didn't. There was worst tattoos than Sparks. Not to mention every time he opens his mouth the lies just fall out. He said Sparks never took his suggestions when the first two tattoos he threw out because DJ had to play the Power Trip. If you're going to coach at least do a good job. Just like when he did the apple and they talk to him about shading and again he got all uppity.
Deanna is the best one just saying
I love how Josh is great but doesn't have a massive ego
deanna Smith is the real deal, she is above all of them, I mean, look at her artistry
Matt Buck is gone I can't believe this shit.
I have a huge crush on Deanna <3
yo I've been a fan of deanas work for years now , why? Because she's from my tiny hometown! and works at a shop that's like 5 minutes away from my house ! I'm so proud to see her on here !
This team sure cracked apart after only one week.
Tribe abstract hospital stretch neighbor likely aircraft third.
Ahh! I love LIL D. He made me an awesome half sleeve. Hope he does well
Who would purposely call themselves "Lil D"??
This smith chick is like x10 better than that grill that won ink master, this deanna is a real deal chick man
Deanna is gorgeous
Do the other teams think they have a chance in fucking hell?
Both teams has got some great members
Daniel Silva, Deanna Smith and Sparks are the only one left from Ink Master-Angels. Rooting for them so hard.
The best team