Melanie C - I Turn To You

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Melanie C - I Turn To You

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Melanie C - I Turn To You 98' my love girl in children years :)
Ngay xưa vtv3 xem lúc quảng cáo giờ 25 tuổi rui hơn 10 năm rui nghe lại nhớ !!
Her accent is really charming :)
Nice song
2018 and still love this song from 2001 for Hex Hector Mix and 1999 for original track
Still love this song
Bend it like beckham ☺
Desperately hoping to hit the stop button when recording this off the radio in the 90s before the adverts kicked in LOL 😂
The Millennium Babe
this was meaningful for me in Spring 2008
who can turn me around when I'm upside down
you have the touch will quiet me
you melt me
when I need inspiration
Here tx to UMK 2018! ❤ She keeps singing it perfectly! So talented, UK has to send her to Eurovision ASAP! 🙌
I love her.

We all need someone to turn to, when we meet dark times! So, very good song Mel C!
I LOVE this song!!! She's my favourite out of the Spice Girls and she is the only one who could actually sing apart from Emma Bunton.
2018 .I am feeling high.....
2018 Southport England🙌🏼
Who is listening in 2018❤️😍👌