Melanie C - I Turn To You

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Melanie C - I Turn To You

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Melanie C - I Turn To You Every time I play this song I want to watch Bend it like Beckham
her voice so amazing
that girl from spice girls... i love her song
I thought this was the best UK number one hit of 2000, though the public probably thought it was the Pure Shores track by All Saints.
when she sing it
best 90´s song 4ever
amo demais!
The most talented of the all the Spice Girls and the only best song to come out of it all. afaic
This and "out of your mind" are the best songs to come out of the spice girls solo projects
Where's the "love" button for this? 2017 and it STILL goes hard!!!
Watching 2017
Watching in 2017. And seeing her perform this live at Kew. Brilliant
Who's watching this 2017+2018+2019....💜💜Bend It Like Beckham 😙😙
Люди, это песня, моего детства. Тысяча лайков👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
You know what's dope?
This song played in the club!
July 2017, still amazing!!!
you turn to me :D yeah
It's 2017 and I just rediscovered this song. Brings back lots of memories. Great song.
It was so fuckin' popular!
and it's just 3.4m views!