Melanie C - I Turn To You

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Melanie C - I Turn To You

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Melanie C - I Turn To You Am I the only one who first heard this from bend it like beckham??
Jürgen drews
This song is so special!..
2017 and still a banger tho 😍🔥🙌🏻
she's hot
Bend it like Beckham anyone?
Mel C ! I turn to you
Best singer out of them all and the nicest.
gold tooth still in 2017
is she autistic? she can sing greatly,true old school talent, but what's with the body language, seems bad.
Wonderful song !!!...Wonderful Melanie!!!...With love from Romania !...😊
It was 2000... and I was very sick... this song helped me a lot... for me it was like fresh air... thank you :)
I don't care much about pop, but this is an exception. Good song! Great even when compared to the mainstream nowadays (the obvious downgrade starting around these times). Upbeat, lifting, with certain "freedom" of the era (which we still feel and long for), she's a real sunshine in this one! Passionate drive on the delivery, probably much saught after this one (for better or worse).

I suppose what's in general turning me off about pop or 90's electronic dance (or whatever the fair description) is the artificial setting. Sampling, looping, predictable, auto-tune, digitally generated. It just lacks certain depth, punch, feel, soul, genuine vibration that real instruments, talented songwriting bring-about. Which make them last, classics for a reason. But they still had it during 90's, because of simple addicting melodies and great vocalists.

In my opinion, when music went from genuine, band-based to more and more digital, it became superficial, overtly artificial, anti-human. Which resulted in this disconnected madness or ultra-superficial, that the mainstream nowadays promotes / allows. The tipping point back towards more genuine expression is only a matter of time. It cannot get much lower than this.
Fantastic song 🌹💝 Thanks 👉💝🌹
me encanta esta cancion me trae muy bonitos recuerdos tkm melanie c
Il olub 2017 ve men seve seve dinleyirem