Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head [Official Video]

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Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head [Official Video]

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Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head [Official Video] I love this song so much because it has a good moral: be yourself, love your body the way it is, and you will be beautiful no matter what. I LOVE YOU MELANIE MARTINEZ!!! <3
Hate that bunneyy :( 😡😡😡
The best video on YouTube and it's so underrated...
She's a Genius ❤️ This deserve more views, it will enlighten everyone. 👍👌
Never change your looks. Accept who you are. Don't just think of getting plastic surgery just because of your looks. You are great without plastic surgery.
3:02 My favorite line.
September 2017? Is No one Here ??????? Ok. I understand no one is here....
Don't get that it's scary 😟😟
22k dislikes?
Best kiss you will ever have.
Heck, this is really sad once you know the meaning
End of the video

Girl:*takes the wig and the paper on her boobs off*

Me:Much better
This makes me depri af
The plastic surgen should be fired.
Ну блиннн я заблудилась
Кто нибудь я одна тут русская что ли.....
Ppl should watch this 😍 It has a really beautiful meaning 😊
Why does her husband cut her hair ugly???
love yourself for who you are