Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head [Official Video]

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Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head [Official Video]

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Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head [Official Video] YOU CAN NEVER TRUST THE BUNNY WITH SHARP UTENSILS
A few likes = me doing a cover
Moral : never change who ypu are your perfect
And if so one says your ugly tell them there your twin cas there ugly 2. ( dont do that unless it's a good time)
I can't help but love Melanie Martinez's songs. I hope you see this Melanie, for I truly enjoy your music and learn lessons from it. I've been a fan for a year now, and I can honestly say that you're just amazing. I love your lessons.. This one seems like "Everyone is perfect the way they are." I just.. I love your music.
getting to rule my stuffies in Melanie's sleep wear
Lesson learned:ALWAYS be yourself no matter what💖 Who cares about what other people think😡Dont forget to always be yourself and never change💖🍼🍪
Hola yo soy Juanito
Here from roblox?
this is my favorite song out of all of them
Melanie can you sub to me you are my favorite singer I think the hole world should love you🍦👧
.......... .v
You do not have to just be your self
Moral never fall in love and never let the bunny do surgery
I showed this video to my friend and i have that rabbit mask i woke her up with she's really mad
my sis said " she is already pretty she doesn't need surgery"
Why'd he cut her hair?