Metallica: Atlas, Rise! (Official Music Video)

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Metallica: Atlas, Rise! (Official Music Video)

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Metallica: Atlas, Rise! (Official Music Video) Iron Maiden meets Thrash Metal
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this sounds alot like megadeth now. its thrashy like it was in kill em all and alot of dave mustanes pieces. its like they called in dave to write up a song and they played it lol. also theres some riffs common in iron maiden songs played in this one too so it makes for a rather interesting blend of old and new
Hyvä meininki .
I swear to god on a lot of this stuff it sounds like mustang had something to do with it...
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solo 24 millones de visualizaciones y despacito(despamierda) tiene mas del billon....espero que este mundo algún día explote
I love this riff! So cool!
4:24 eargasm fjididkdkf
I will be seeking legal action in order to be compensated for the socks that were rocked off me feet. Holy shit comeback tomthe rosebowl again
my mom named her vacuum cleaner metallica... because it's been around since 1981 and has FUCKING SUCKED the entire time... thanks YT auto play... now back to GHOST B.C. !
My name's Matthew and I approve this message.
Since i was a kid you're a soundtrack of my life THANKS!!!!!!from Italy
I keep going back to this song. So fucking great.
0:31 Bulgarian flag !!!
Lit AF
dude somebody spelled metallica wrong next to hetfield's mic ahah it kills me, such a dyslexic move
Great song . 10
Generic and trash.
at 02:31 James is drinking "Mate" Lol!!
Estaba tomando mate ? jajaja genios xD