Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Live)

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Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Live)

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Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Live) Am I the only one that hears the doom theme?
Hey , Cmon to Ukraine !
Best metal song in history.
Isso foi aqui no Brasil, Brasil no metal hardcore,da like ae br's!!!!
my wohle Life
wait, metallica have a VEVO?
Metallica have helped me through some dark times..when I listen to them I go somewhere else awesome
el vídeo parece hecho en Venezuela jaja
what movie is playing in this video??
End of passion play crumbling away. I'm your source of self destruction.
I give these guys credit for still making music and touring after all these years. Obviously they still love what they do because I'm sure they have enough $$ to have retired long ago.
I used to love Metallica -the first 3 albums - and saw them five times.After that, I dunno ...would I see them now? Only if someone invited me to come! And James Hatfield with his short hair and he's not even going bald! Ha! I imagine his wife told him to cut it short and to keep it that way!
5:36 pancakes cold
Teng!... Teng teng teng! Tededegdedegdedegdegdegdedeg Tededegdedegdedegdedeg
This is my favorite band who got skills with Guitars and drums
Obey your Master 🤘
la mejor cancion