Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video)

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Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video)

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Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video) This is the song I listen to every time I drive down the highway in my big ass pickup
I Love Metallica😎🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸😱👌👌👌
że tak się walisz i ruszasz i ruhasz i walisz geju pojebany
masz raka odbytu
damn!! ive watched 100 times. still when i listen goosebumps all over!
Speed it up! at 1.25, and shee what happens
Grande Metallica!! mi banda favorita desde mi infancia me gustan todos sus temas menos del St Anger en adelante salvo the day that never comes y ahora un par de este nuevo álbum, me alegra ver que siguen haciendo buena música 😉
These moths have better taste in music than most humans.
Moth into bulbs.
@Metallica - When I had first listened to this song 'Lady Gaga' instantly came to my mind as she and many others have openly admitted to selling their soul to get where they are. 'The Grammy Awards' performance shows what a true idjit that she surely is. Basically, 'she made a mockery of herself.' Satanic rag, filthy, subhuman bitch that so called 'Lady' is.
They are still rocking!
this is the moth's favorite song that's why they were on T-V
I was high-time amphetamine user. I heard this song high as fuck, then opened my eyes. They was fucking telling my story, literally. "You're falling but you think you're flying high, high again".

I don't use for six months, wish me luck.
metallica is the best of the best ,so who ever disliked thise song is a dump shit
eslomejor de este mundo metallica gracias por tú música eres lo mejor alove
Fuck yeah,, love metallica and this album.. Blew my under pants right off my friends
I like moths