Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video)

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Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video)

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Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video) Repent, Jesus is comming soon.
Style and Power of this song reminds me of ledendary "Slayer - Reign In Blood"
la mejor de todas, segun mi opinios =v
infelizmente é a única música que presta no álbum, tá muito repetido do death magnetic
Jason Newstead should be in there- it's like NYC after the twin towers fell... it's good, just not the same!
at 5:47 you can see that one of the guys has a Ouija Board Guitar! ITS SO COOL I WANT ONE!!!!!
aguante Metallica La puta madre !!
Y'all catch that stick trick at 1:55?
You guys killed it at Gillette yesterday!
Fantastic!! From Varginha, MG (ET Land) - Brazil
who else came here from kids react to Metallica... nope just me ok......
Can't believe that 9 months have passed since this song first came out.
I love this song!
1:25 I am gay?
Anyone with any question about how important the bassist is to a band should track the melodious early thrash to the off-kilter 90s stuff to this eye watering driven metal. Rob rules!
μπανταρα κοματαρα \m/
the fucks r back
This new album is great, but Kirks solo's are getting real old...
I listen to this song at school