Method Man ft. Busta Rhymes - What's Happenin' *Uncensored* [Official video]

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Method Man ft. Busta Rhymes - What's Happenin' *Uncensored* [Official video]

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Method Man ft. Busta Rhymes - What's Happenin' *Uncensored* [Official video] Still Bumping this shit in 2018!! real Talk!! always was and always will be a Method Man and Busta Rhymes fan!!! Just Thinking out loud!!!
Dis song is dope AF,good music days tho👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👍🏾👍🏾🔥🔥
The platform remix ! Niggas really good at biting.
New rappers need to know where they came from. Watchin this should inspire em, along with sticky fingaz, naughty by nature, big L, busta bust-flip mode, and wu tang . I haven't even mentioned any of the G.O.A.T's either ( besides big L). Get away from bubble gum rap and listen to old school rap that is so hardcore, the flows are so smooth and the rhymes are on time using some of the most difficult lyrics. Very impressive!! Thumbs up if you feel the same!👍👍
2018 anyone?
That beat though
Ain't that what's her name from basketball wives!?!?!?!
play real hip hop :)
2018 !
2018 up 😎😍
When Ny was Ny
Blaze Ft Magic
Finna play Def Jam Fight For Ny soon as i get home
Someday somebody will also read my comment... BEATCH 🙊❤
dum maro dum mit jaayein gum, bolo subha sham, hare krishna hare ram
So did they ended up doing it again? Coz we need more of this.
Fuck 6ix9!!!!...
It sounds like dum maro dum..!!
2018 are we still happening
Meth is so damn underrated, lyrically he's a fucking beast!!