Metrik - Drum & Bass Mix - Panda Mix Show

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Metrik - Drum & Bass Mix - Panda Mix Show

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Metrik - Drum & Bass Mix - Panda Mix Show The real golden age of dnb.
Man, I used to listen to this mix so often as a kid playing world of Warcraft 😂 what an immense amount of memories that came back after re finding this. It’s an amazing mix.
Sooo young Metrik :P
What's the track which starts at minute 10-11? I can't find it >:(
Awesome!! ☮☮☮
DnB has truly changed since then ...
720p doesn't effect sound quality you know, the "p" stands for pixels per square inch the higher number of pixels per square inch the better visual image
metrik was pushing those funktion ones at beta in denver last nite. shit was insane
30m20s mec dnb
People. 720p. right. now.
Buyaaaaaaaaaaaa! So good!!!
Can you please fix the link!!??:(
i need this album NOW!
Samstag im Aladin! <3
listen to this piece of arte, and playing shadow of the colossus =P !!!1!!! ♥♥
Metrik - The Arrival feat. Jan Burton
dat drop at 3:02
Metrik is a fucking legend.