Metro Station - Seventeen Forever

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever Turning 18 in 3 minutes so I decided to listen one last time at 17.
I've been in love with trace Cyrus since I was a kid. Didn't know back then he was mileys brother. Like shake it was my song.
Before I saw this video I thought to myself, "This sounds like a carnival/arcade pop song." Sure enough, there's a carnival.
Listening to this my last minute of being 17 ♡
Im abouta be 10 tommorow always listend to this
Mason was my boo back in the day, ahhhg I loved him.
This came out when I was 2 or 3 now I'm 13. This song is so good to
Lol i was 11 when I first heard this. then literally watched this as it turned to midnight and I turned 18. to all you younger kids, it's definetly worth it if you like this song. It was like saying goodbye to being a teenager and welcoming adulthood
I was nowhere near 17 when i would listen to this song... I'm almost 20 now.. fuck where has the time gone😭
Omg throw back for me
Saw title 18 birthday in a few months so I clicked
I'm 17 now 😄
This came out when I was 9.. now I am 17...
its sad that they are stopping the band
who the fuck wants to be seventeen forever?
here cuz im 17!!!
Billy Ray Cyrus an miley in the cut LMFAO💀
It's so weird listening to this again 😂 I was like 16 when I heard this song and now I'm 24! The cringe is real!
I feel like I am on the other side of the Cyrus family planet heheh
Watching this as the clock draws nearer to midnight of my last day as a seventeen year old....guess I won't be seventeen forever; and maybe that's both a good and bad thing