Metro Station - Seventeen Forever

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever For all honesty they guy that is not the Cyrus guy is actually a good pop punk singer. I’ll admit I can see him singing alone, and making a staple in the pop punk world.
I've been waiting two years just to share this cause today I turn 17 (^ ^)
old elementary school me listened to this... the Nostalgia
Heard this at age 14 now I'm 21 n I'm like damn where did my life go
How did we get from this to shit like lil pump and lil Windex. Shit don't make a fuck
Hi im 17 again
This song is pretty fuckin weird.
I was actually 17 when this came out and you could just imagine how I I'm 26...
Miley is in there !!
snob- 90% pass 100%
persuasive hottie- 85% 80%
controdiction goodie- 85% 90%
goodie with honesty- 80% 80%
goodie that solves problems- 60% 50%
cynic- 80% 90%
sarcastic- 70% 50%
baddi- 90% 90%
baddie without- 95% 90%
thinker- 60% 60%
undersive rebel- 90% 90%
whore- 80% 70%
dictation- 70% 50%
devil- 90% 90%
i can be the devil!
any takers? derek?
im a baddie without co and can be anyone... except for a whore.
I hated this song when it came out, but the nostalgic rush it hits me with now I somehow love it lolol growing up sucks
My 17 birthday is coming up

Gonna jam to this all day👌👌
The anthem of my 2009-2010 senior year. Man I’m old
The one singing first was hot and sound sexy
Well, I'm 18... Damn... I WONT BE 18 FOREVER!!!
Wow now I'm 13 but I know this song since 2012 so like 5 years ago.Ah good memories
niggas ...we old 🙄