Metro Station - Seventeen Forever

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever That awkward moment when you were 17 back then with Latino parents with chanclas ready to beat you with if you were out late lol it was nice to fantasize
i was 13 when it came out. on my 17th birthday I busted all day around Westport highschool. I'm 23 now
A little MCR inspired in my opinion which is good
fuck I gotta listen some slayer or acid bath. this music is god awful.
I was 17 when this came out... now I'm 23... wait how old is he and why is she only 17?!
I was 17 when this came out... now I'm 23... wait how old is he and why is she only 17?!
I love the new rodrick!!1!!!1!!
2009. feels like yesterday
I was 17 when this song came out
as bad, maybe worse than his POS sister.
heard this song when I was 16-17 I am now 26. brings back a lot of good memories. alot has change since then. the days when you didn't have to worry. lol
I'm 17 where is my emo junkyard carnival party at?!!
I remember I couldn't wait to turn 17 then I turned 17 & forgot about this song haha
You can be 17 forever if you want to! Getting old is not about numbers, it's about the way you think, the way you live... I remember listening to this when I was 17 and getting depressed about aging but now I'm 23 and nothing changed, I still have my teen spirit and crazy friends and I have more fun, more parties, more opportunities to feel young and alive now than when I was a teen... Numbers mean nothing... Just keep having dreams, goals, imagination, fascination and try to meet crazy people (i know it's hard) and you'll realize that life doesn't end when you're an "adult"... ;) <3
2017 anyone?
i listened to this 5 minutes before i turned 18 :P now on 21st ima turn 21 this mnth
"this is wrong, but who am i too judge?"
the consenting adult.
you are the consenting adult.
wish we could stay 17
i remember listening to this song when i was 17