Metro Station - Seventeen Forever (Video)

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever (Video)

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever (Video) I’m finally seventeen, been forever since I was waiting
17 is whatever's once you think about it
I had the biggest crush on Trace when I was 10
i’m about nine minutes from my 18th birthday. I listened to this song in 2012 and told myself i would listen to on it this date. now here i am listing to it and am a completely different person. treasure being 17
These lyricssssssss...
I was just 17 when this song came out , I felt so cool lol . Honestly I loved being this age during this time !!! Crazy yet amazing
Listening to this song as an adult (with a daughter) makes you realize how mfing creepy it is!! Freaking pedophilia wtf. Loved it when i was 14, also thought it was ok to date a 19 year old- it wasn't!😰
30 minutes left for my 18th bday and I'm not ready yet
and y'all wondered where Miley went wrong...
I loved this song sincr I was like 8 or whatever and I blasted it three years ago when I turned 17
I'm 17 tomorrow, after 4 years I need to listen this song again, now its in my playlist forever x
I blame yall for me being a hoe at 16-17
im 13 cant wait to be 17😂
White Dude On Piano Always Killing Shit From Shake It Kelsey To 17 On Bloods 👌🏾
it's amazing to me that barely anyone realizes this song glorifies statutory rape. when i was a teenager it was great but now as an adult this is incredibly creepy.
Just turned 18! QQ
2018 and I just realized Miley syphilis is in this xD
This is so 2007/2008 it hurts. God the nostalgia is hitting me hard
I promised myself I was going to listen to this song once a day everyday when I turn 17. Now I’m 17 and I listen to this everyday like I promised.