Metro Station - Seventeen Forever

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever 800 people can suck my balls!
did anyone else just realized that miley was in this
I am pretty sure that they´re not even seventeen XD
When music was good
i used to listen to this when i was 15 couldn't wait to be 17 and now i'm 21 fuck time goes by fast
K living with jehovahs witnesses was hard cuz all of the music i liked i wasnt allowed too listen too lmao this was one of the exceptions i got away with 😂💓
When this song came out, I was 14 and wanted to be 17 so badly. Now im 22 and cannot believe how long ago this was. The nostalgia is insane!
2017 and they still rock
wow this is garbage. how did i end up here.
Clásicas del colegio :)
One mistake from being together..
I heard this song at 10 y/o now im 17 and I relate now 😂
Bruh gonna be 17 this year!!
Is it just me, or is this song about waiting for her to turn the age of consent so they can bang...?
I remember hearing this song at 13. Now it's my final month of being 17. Lol, I truly enjoyed it.
Today's my 18th birthday, I'm not 17 anymore...
rip miley cyrus... ):
i played this all night before my 17th birthday :3
I'm 19, kinda regret wasting my teenage years. Turning 20 in a few months, can't believe it, I don't want to get older, want to stay a teenager forever. Im still pretty young, but still. Lol it's weird most people in the comments here are around 19 too.. I remember how when I was young how fucking cool it seemed to be a teenager, specifically 17. If you're reading this and you're younger, enjoy it, do stupid shit, go to parties, drink and smoke weed (in moderation), have fun, make memories. Don't let your teenage years pass by. Fucking enjoy it. Kinda sucks though, I feel like technology and shit have kinda ruined our teenage years. I miss the days that this song came out, before 2009, there was Myspace, which was like facebook but only for young people, everyone posted all their stupid shit on there without worrying about their parents seeing it lol. We don't rlly have anything like that today. and not everyone had hd cameras on their phones to record all the stupid shit you did haha.
he should just wait till he is 18 like geez man statutory rape is a big deal