Metro Station - Seventeen Forever (Video)

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever (Video)

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Metro Station - Seventeen Forever (Video) 2018 i am 25 now :(
I guess the more tattoos the bigger the poser.
Man, I remember being 17 so well. It was a roller coaster year. So much fun, pain, love, heartbreak yet joy all collated in one crammed year. A turning corner in my life just before adulthood...
I was 10 when this came out Jesus
It could also sound like pedophilia
I wish I was 17 again :( . I did not know how to appreciate my youth
Who’s listening in 2018??
This song has me feeling so nostalgic
right now i am 12 i cant wait until im 17 so thus can be my anthem 😁😁😂
Well I'm 19 now I'm old as fuck life is ruined 😨
i was 8, now i'm 16... 1 more year and i'm 17 forever :) i miss these good times
OMG i love metro station, but i never noticed that Miley cyrus and Mitchel Musso/ oliver from hannah montana where there! omg lovee them even more, and i love trace cyruss
Wow, the or music is still good in that 2007 catchy way, but God damn! I never realized how sexual these dudes songs are when I was 13! Lmfao XwX
Remember when I’ve turned 17 and I was like seventeen forever.. don’t waste your time kids just have fun !
I'll be 18 tomorrow
I think this my favorite ms song
My little heart. I used to LOVE this song
I feel younger now after all this time
Watching this in 2018 because I turn 17 in 2 days 😭..
It is 2018 and I'm just now realizing the reason Miley Cirus was in this video was because her brother is in Metro Station