Michael Gray - The Weekend (Official Video)

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Michael Gray - The Weekend (Official Video)

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Michael Gray - The Weekend (Official Video) God bless you, good, old 2000s electronic music ! Sadly, it will never happen again .. ((
Dont throw around paper in the office, think about the old cleaning lady who is going to have to pick it up, her back will be broken, she will loose her job because shes handicapped, she will eventually end up as homeless, living off the streets begging for food. She will die on the street during a cold winterday because some irresponsible, slutty girls threw paper around them in a pathetic way of expressing their relief finally having a weekend.
Who are the Girls in the video?
The boss enter the room while the girls are taking their clothes off
"I'm going to give them a raise"
Best song named "The Weekend"
Lo mejor y gente estúpida que no le gusta...
thanks /f/
Oh yeah I remember that song always play on Fame FM
every week I could not wait for weekend because of this song and ladies in there.
The black white "swimsuit" Was legit nice... Btw
I never thought that hair in rewind mode would look so (cool) funny
The memes
Sofia's Choice in Sophie-Ellis Bextor
Wish I was that photocopier rn.
jamiroquai wife ?
Whats this MOS on
neverending play
I reckon the concept for this video took them about 10 minutes to come up with. "Right, what we're gonna do is get five skinny birds to dance around a photocopier and as the track progresses they all strip down to their underwear"... "Gary, you're a genius."