Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Official Video) michaels first and only i believe heavy metal song.i love it
Now that is a guitar tone
i love you
DIRTY DIANA i love Song
You never made me stay so take your weight off of me
I know your every move so won't you just let me be I've been here times before but I was too blind to see that you seduce every man this time you won't seduce me you saying that's okay Hey baby do what you please I have the stuff that you want I am the thing that you need

She looks me deep in the eyes she's touching me so to start she said there's no turning back she holds me in her arms!! Dirty diana!!! No!! Dirty Diana noo


She likes the boys in the band she loves when they come to town, every musician's fan after the curtain come down she likes the backstage oh the ones who has resrige she likes the boys in the band oh that was so Carrie she saying that's okay Hey baby do what you please I JAVE THE STUFF THAT YOU WANT I AM TH3 TH8NG THAT YOU NEED SHE LOOKED ME DEEP IN THE EYES SHE'S TOUCHING ME SO TO START SHE SAID THERE'S NO TURNING BACK SHE HOLDS ME IN HER ARMS DIRTY DIANAAAAAA NOOOO
Wow. The feeling Michael puts into this song... it's speechless.
Actually, those lyrics tho!!!
hey michael why you die we miss you
He was on a while different level !
so am i????????????????????????
dirty diana yessssss
Ahead of his time
2:57 will always be my favorite part
I find the dude weird as hell with his skin lighting, fake face, child molestation accusations and overall weird behavior, but one thing no one cant deny is that this guy is not the superstar he is THE superstar of music industry period and there will never be anyone who can come close to him as a performer
il est toujours là