Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Official Video) If you listen to Michael Jackson songs give me a like 👍
I love Michael Jackson
Mike I need moves, I'd pay for moves you know that, show me some moves, I need numbers, passes, give me wind/water pace tempo rythm YO MIKE! These are rookie moves, beat 'em up.
no sincronizan baile con musica
todos los videosdeyoutube tienen atrazado el video respecto de la musica
No one can be better than you Michael Jackson Always King of Pops
havent seen any comment about diana ross
Everyone Knows Michael Jackson Muhammad Ali And Hulk Hogan With Or Without Internet #MicDrop 😎😎😎
Michael Jason the king of pop forever,love Michael jackson
Underrated in 2018? Absolutely
This might be the analytical side of me speaking, but Diana was who Michael avoided, but who Prince adored.
he was bad
I never realised Sideshow Bob was so good at guitar
Michael is simply the best, and what a song!!!
We love you Michael more then my life cause that's how precious you are to us we miss you pls com back
2:16- 2:22 still not over that walk! nobody moves like him 😍 he’s so hot