Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Official Video) The king of the pop 🤴👑
Hola me encanta es único
who tf disliked?
Michael Jackson the best Shining and king the pop that for ever I love comingson the dead
2050 anyone
I miss Michael Jackson this song is a hit
I love this song
Great song
They were doing the floss at 7:58
i always thought when he said annie r u ok he actully said another one bites the dust
but i was just a iidiot
Não sabia que existia tantas pessoas que não entendem nada de música, 36k é muita gente.
Puta merda slk musica boa demais nostalgia da poxa
El rey del pop
I’m a real fan of mJ
Micheal still cant be touched, by no artist. He inspired multiple generations with his music.
Brasil 2018 \0/
Starts at 1:06
Michael Jackson forever!!😎