Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (Official Video) Lol how they fell at the beginning soooo funny😂😂😂😢😂😅😅😓😂😂😂😄😄😄😘😰😰😰😳😳😳😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂
Those guys are creepy
Hahahahahahahahaha is so funny
1958 - 2009
Thank you, MJ
The King of the Pop, is in our hearts
Like vídeo
Still my shitt in 2018 love u Micheal Jackson..RIP
The police says autograph.
2018 October
2018 guys
Is it just me or did Michael have a tons of fun filming this video?
Donde mero le doy Me encanta?? :3
4:22, Star From Here.
We miss you Mike
Where is the lyric man when you need him ?
Michel jckson ea lenda
Cant belive this was no ike 8 or 9 years ago
07:38 amooooo essa parte que sorriso Amoooo Vc Michael
Can we watch it again.?!