Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (Official Video)

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Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (Official Video) wow michael. if bille jean not my girl she just girl im am the one. lol i love you michael jackson. im a smooth criminal. ya michael run! can you come at 3am plz michael. but why you hold crunch michael. thx michael you are not along micheal jackson.
Nightmare fuel.....
Michael fuiste y serás el mejor, para siempre.
me duele la cabeza cada ves q veo esos muñecos
This is what he is going through
I miss you when U WERE BLACK😐😣
He's hella cute
where did he buy these California raisins
Great Singer and Great Dancer. You'll live forever....

King of Pop
9:16 hahahahahaha
Still makes me unconf at 20 yo x)
Michael if you still are alive well I love you and you are a big Legend King of Pop buddy
Wow me encanto
Que clase de drogas tomaba el que hizo los muñecos
We just gonna ignore the noid at 0:31
Mickaël Jackson ❤🐰🐇