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Migos - Versace

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Migos - Versace Cool..much better then korean rap
Versace vs Hannah Montana
Brah these idiots only say one thing in this song! Plus not cool not jumping X
Just heard this song for the first time straight trash worst thing I heard in my life
This songs overated
How the hell a man repeat "versace" a thousand times and called a rapper? I might start a career and write a song bout "on the floor".
Did they worshiping on Versace ?
2013 was a good year
hatatatattatatatattatatatatatababababbabtatatattatatatatatapesaci , lol
lol qwavo was in jail when this came out
Fasatchi, fasatchi fasatchi, Fasatchi fasatchi fasatchi
This is like the 4th time I ever listened and/or watched this song or video in total. All this time I thought these fools were talking about their hair stryle/do with that line "medusa head blah blah yadda yadda...". LOL!! I was just told that Versace logo was an actual pic of Medusa's head. Yeah. "Fosace." anything is out my price range. I can't even afford to glance at their socks.
Versace: gold

Recent: diamonds
comparado ao Quavo de hj esse ta parecendo uma criança ksks mai memo assim ainda e foda
He realy likes gucci
Is that quavo?
My favorite part is when he said Versace
Yes sir
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