Miley Cyrus - Slide Away (Official Video)

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Miley Cyrus - Slide Away (Official Video)

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Miley Cyrus - Slide Away (Official Video) 🌊
My Titanic my Galandia My Canada my Mersedes Benz my All kingdoms.. my Legendary History from all my life say too William an his wife be shut his mouth future not comes after death, after death coming a big worst Nuclear War. An not touch my SUV (1) Mercedes Benz not touching my Airplane from Golden Top. An every my belongings what Europe, China Canada building with me my own self...
OHHH... Super Profundo.
You dammit goofy Powell Duffy Evil.
You never would get my Heaven, Hell believe me you even not getting two your self a all World. You UK jews you never had your own property land history an it’s you two the hell. Lol
Killed us it’s mean fucken hacker soon rocket will explode like in movie of Supermen an we will save care you from Mexico.
Uk You know your spirit until those days scare me.
I miss your short hair :(
Once upon a time is come two you an you calling me slave. Once upon a time it’s ask you favor too like me, love me an you refuse me called me Devil, Wolf, slave, Gypsy, Terrorist, Moral, halafiz... Thanks I do have souls from past period. They could live me more than a life ones Thanks Nature love me harder than humans..
Film clip is a rip off of Robbie Williams Come Undone
Used to hate her, now shes only of my favourites artists. She has grown ♥️
I didn't watch the Grammys because she wasn't on the Grammys anymore but I wish they put her back on on the Grammys did she can win some awards for us
This is so art
Go miley im a big fan from Philippines no matter what go on with life be always humane
This is literally perfection! This is the Miley I love! And godddddd she is just so damn beautiful!
Dude she’s so powerful and delicate at the same time. If the ever make another Queen Of The Damned they should give her the Aaliyah part.
damn she's hot ......