Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar I love Miranda Lambert😻😘😍
jamey johnson!!!!
I love your sogs and you
Her how I fleeing auodt my boyfriend now
Love this song so much!
The Preacher Man
The Great Jamey Johnson!
Hey that's Greg Sestero from The Room! Wow never new he was in this!
Why is it that every time I hear this song the first thing that pops in my mind is Hillary Clinton? It's very fitting her this song.
love this song
why would they cheat on that girl
I love her voice and she is pretty
@Blake Shelton you are the dumbest man I’ve met. Gwen has nothing on this beautiful woman. Every man makes bad decisions. Yours were just a little more bad than everyone else’s
I see Mark is still "The Other Man".
Oh hi Mark
Wow he knows how to cheat!!!!!!😆😆😂😂
Savage af
Oh, hai Mark!
Smh if you got with Miranda Lambert would you cheat honestly bro he's not even good looking lol