Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar She got him good
yea it Does , Hell yea it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats why i would have a dog, because men are not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry ladies
She's beautiful and sings beautiful.
Yeah she's got friends in that town she's got a pocket full of money what kind of Rich she is look at those fancy tuxedos look how beautiful that place looks must be nice having all that money but they are honest with you I don't want all that money
You are so beautiful Miranda lambert
Ad: Hey, YouTube, don't press that skip button. This is import-
Me: presses skip button
Was this written for Sarah Hackabee Sanders? She lies for a living. Disprove that.
This song is so GoshDarn good that I almost swore.....God Bless!!!
This is MY husband NOT a liar OK what ever you always have been u r NOT gonna change
at 2:22 she and her dad have a twinkie moment :)
I love this video.
Love this song
I will never cheat to this beautiful girl I swear Neva. 🐺
Whos watching in 2018?
I love yo ur songs
Miranda my mom loves you
Hi Mark
U are soooo pretty
best video!!!😁😂😊