Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar i love your music
Male country songs: I love my beer and trucks

Female country songs: imma kill my husband/boyfriend
I like Blake but Miranda is soooo much better like or comment if u agree
heres a bomb she'll just for u baby
The first girl, who sits down, is HOTTT.
The posters like' WHAT just happened ? Dude you need to read the ten commandments. Get some God in your soul'
So good need to watch it
i want jamey johnson to do my wedding! that would be badass
Dang she is beautiful mmmmmmmmoff with the left for that one
LOL @ she was already a self proclaimed "liar" skank anyway ( 'cause she's been lyin' too) so why even go through the whole mess? Country music is crap anymore. Charlie's got a gold watch… Don't seem like a whole lot…
So beautiful. I'd make you a queen.
Holy shit Jamie Johnson is the preacher
Scroll on down and find nobody dislikes any COMMENT! I scrolled alot .. God bless you all ! And please for the record I adore this WOMAN'S drive. ♡♡♡♡
I knew an asshole Jess Earl myself..
i like the song
I feel like if you cheated on a country girl the family would go after you.
l'infifelite mene à la perte de l'etre aime ! bien joue miranda
lol....i had to hear the song. I'm here from the video, "why white people lie so damn much."