Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar so you are friend s with my mom
she has great music videos
she's with some random guy but now she's with Blake shelten
That's a good way to reveal a cheater. Don't tell you know and say it at the wedding.
This is a stupid song with an even stupider video. I love it
i love her sassy Ness
you are so beautiful and talented
Miranda I'm from Oklahoma I won't toss you away like Blake lol js!
I love. Miranda she and Carried are my favorite
And they're both incredibly georgeous
Attitude ! It's all about Attitude :)
One of my new fave music vids
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in JVP
Ohh he got burnerd
payback bubba
you got that right I did that before because he cheated on me with line 5 other girls
I love Miranda Lambert 😘
messed up😈😤😑😐😬😠😡💑💔💔💔💔💔
Wow i like this song
that song it true bad @$$ song love it....u go girl u sing that song...😊😊😊😊