Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar my childhood.. 😭😭
freaking dude was with a woman RIGHT before the fudging wedding😑😑pig
I like when little boy turns around..."Like is shit right!"
She is not such a nice girl
Marilyn Crow I know right??? It is funny he's just like "What the heck just happened?"
I love this song
yalls need jesus
I don't know why but I've always sang it like "And it spreads like a wildfire"
I love her too
this goes to show , never piss off Miranda , ever
is the preacher Jamey Johnson
this goes for you blake shelton
I love this app
I love this app
What an idiot Blake is. That little nasty bleached blonde "Hollar at me hoe" will never amount to half the woman Miranda is. Miranda is so much sexier as well.
That's how I figured out the truth. A little at a time.
I love this song Miranda you look cute Miranda when I get married I will not have my daddy walk me down the ill because he died when I was beryl 6 and now I am 9