Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar

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Miranda Lambert - White Liar Love the song...Jamey Johnson is a great touch.
Miranda is way prettier than the other girls!
also the bearded guy is totally jamey johnson
oh hai mark
LOL i love her so much i wish I could be like her
Oh hey Mark
The groom should have known. Mark constantly betrays his best friends.
I love her. if only she liked chicks lmao
Her accent....
Good job miranda
love all of her song's something bad I love the best
1:52 Oh hai Mark
what was Blake thinking this is a beautiful woman I would never leave her side.
What idiot invites all his side chicks the the wedding?
and every girl he cheated on with is there
I LOVE miranda Lambert
She threw the flower in his face like bye bye sucker
You are so much more natural and wholesome looking and way.....way,,,,, way,,,. more beautiful than Gwen, I don't even recognize her any more and I was a fan at one time. But its not really Gwen its Blake's doing and all Gwen got was your left overs. Not much really.
So much more talented.
Best song for me I just love it!