Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me? (Official Video)

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Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me? (Official Video)

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Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me? (Official Video) Ghostemane
Yeah so glad to see that moby finaly dropped his yoga and got back to dance. I can hear the same vibes as in the good old times of Feeling so real here.
What about copy cats. They're not very serious but they steal other people's hard work and earn something about it.
It was a pleasure to burn.
Perhaps this is the greatest video I have ever seen
Looking through the comments, you can see that all people care about is the video. When it was created for the song. Jesus
Love Moby's work, but
Lowest point imo
Just remember that this is a cartoon and it's meant to be over exaggerated
smartphone culture is really harmful a lot of the time but the real problem is the way people act.. or rather the way they're encouraged to act and the apps that manipulate the way people think, they're designed to change what people value.. but in the end smartphones are just pocket computers, computers are just tools. you can use a hammer to bludgeon someone to death or you could always just build a birdhouse or something
Moby did it first!!!!!!!!!!
Hey if this video want us to stop using our phone then why are we watching this on our phone and internet
What Cuphead level is this
Wow! This is shocking and yet so familiar at the same time. We are all so consumed in the digital world that we aren't even realising what's happening around us. And its even going to get worse with time as technology accelerates further. Though it's a personal issues as technology itself is doing no harm but when most of our work is digital centric how come we not have a digital life being the most of our actual lifetime. Upcoming generations will miss alot of things I presume. Anyways mind-blowing video.
Kinda self irony considering what we're all watching this on.
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i had this in class and i cried because i was one of these people
We can't live without technology, that's a fact. Technology is good, but how we use it is the problem. Let that sink in for a moment. What do you mean you can't concentrate? Oh okay i'll wait untill you post the sh*t you took few minutes ago on facebook.