My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You [Official Music Video]

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My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You [Official Music Video]

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My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You [Official Music Video] oh
I love Gerard hair in this.
I only came here cuz the vid had D Day in it.
You. too DIA
yeah my name cowards. .aka fags
still awesome vs. Millennial garbage tight pants fag music.
GUYS!! This year, on March 22nd, we all need to watch the Welcome to the Black Parade video! We need to get the views up by MILLIONS! Copy and paste this everywhere!
I love this song but listening to it sometimes makes me wanna kms for whatever reason😕
This makes me cry, because I have never had someone really truly love and care about me,. No I am not being rude to my parents, my dad never was around and has been in prison, and my mom lies to me all the time. When I left, they didn't even bother to say goodbye to me, so I mouthed the lines "Never coming home never coming home, could I? Should I?? " to them. And to add to it, I have no friends so I have never really had anyone to tell my worries to. MCR has saved my life multiple times. That's why I will always be part of the MCRmy, and always will wait till they get back together.
Where did water come from?
Fave song by them
Gerard looks so hot tho
The ghost of my chemical romance

I just ruined your day. I'm sorry. I ruined mine too;-;
Mikey way looks like Garret Watts in this video.
This reminds me to "Saving Private Ryan"...
Yeezus Gerard, can you calm down the hotness for like... one second?
Am I the only one who thinks that Ray kinda looks like Tyler Joseph from an angle?
D-Day respect 🙌🏻
Algum BR ? 🇧🇷❤️
Perfeita essa música