My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You [Official Music Video]

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My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You [Official Music Video]

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My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You [Official Music Video] Me acabo de percatar que su instrumentación influyó en la música de Deafheaven.
best song for playing BF1, COD.
This is and always will be my favorite MCR song/video. There is SO much emotion that was brought into itand honestly, I seriously get teary eyed every time I hear or see it. It's beautifully written and produced. The video shows the darker side of war and not the glorified side that the media likes to portray. It's gruesome and terrible. It really matches the song well about someone leaving and never seeing or speaking to them again.
"All those thing that you never ever told me all the scars that are ever gonna haunt me. I'm never coming home."
Fucking sends shivers down my spine every fucking time.
Rays just like "oh crap... we lost him..."
You can tell the band broke up do to the fact that the lead singer is a emo cut that the rest of the band just can't stand anymore.
okay this is not a joke you all need to get your buts back in the band PLEASE!!!!!!!
This is the saddest video I've ever watched
I'm just looking for Halloween songs AND THIS POPS UP. I AINT TRYING TO FUCKING CRY
Everything about this is gold
Mikey looks like Garrett Watts here
i did
How he starts genuinely screaming 😭
man Gerard why are you so grumpy?!?!? (00:51) (and man he was thinking "EWWW ICKY WHY YOU PUKING!?!?" (00:55)) and lastly DO YOUR SASSY DANCE!!!(1:21)
holy crap gerard looks so good in this im gay
For all you people who put hate on this, you never once have thought that they put a lot of money and time into this, have you?
The song that fueled my obsession with MCR
me hice fan en 2017 me quiero morir 😂💔
This song came out the year my brother died. It was my favorite but never coming home would ring in my head.
Looks like it would make for a great movie.