Netta - TOY - Israel - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018

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Netta - TOY - Israel - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018

Odsłon: 75520859 | Ocena: 788599 | Czas: 3m 6s |



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LOVE THIS😍 from Poland
Love from Poland🇵🇱
Я не твоя игрушка, ТОУ!!!!!
I didn't realize James Cordon was Trans; And possessed ; )
f*ck cultural appropriation
Chicken song
чё за кудахтанье?
Obsessed with the dancers 😍😍
No.... You are not a beautiful creature... Just letting you know
Anti israeli ?
Israel is the best .
Gaza and fulustin shot rocket on all the jewish people in israel .
The world love the terror ." The gaza" . Israel is good no the terror .
Israel i love you .
And god love you 🇮🇱
Son of abram and moses
Great art - out of the box! I found that if you skip about 22 first seconds from its start(The annoying chicken noises..) this song becomes even better and cooler :-). Try it.
I'm taking my pikachu home. Modern day music everyone
Well deserved win, a fun song with such a meaningful and important message behind, a super sympathetic and strong singer who may have changed many lifes to the better. Netta you are the wonder woman of the century, thanks for having you, god bless. With love from germany! 🇩🇪💞🇮🇱
This song is amazballs, it shows that women (and men) aren't toys you play with, Love from the US <3
Eurovision is so gaaaaay
best song
De donde es?
Decent voice, but the video and song are so terrible.