Niall Horan - Slow Hands (Audio)

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Niall Horan - Slow Hands (Audio)

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Niall Horan - Slow Hands (Audio) this song is like being in a nice old new york apartment with yo boo 💞💞
Niall is sooo hot!!!! I wish he was my boyfriend it is a shame I am only 12 😡😡😡😡😫😫😢😭😭
i was never a one direction fan, but i love this song and a few songs by zayne and liam as well......but harry i cant stand any of his songs, wasnt there one more, what happened to him
This song has such an intoxicating beat to it, and I love everything about this! Definitely adding this to one of my story playlists <3
God can I be ANY MORE ADDICTED TO NIALL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤
I am a huge fan of Niall horan with slow hands and it’s catchy
9400 Nickelback fans need a hug.
😍😍😍 💖💖💖👌👌👌
wow 2017 heard it .. slow hands .. 6 or 5
what a love good song
Good mec
Perfect song to steal an airplane to
Conway twitty song is better.
I still listen to 1D is that annoying
Niall haron l love you baby firend miss you like you miss you baby
Te amo ❤
Looks like a young Sean Astin.
Love his voice and love this track very much
looks like he is not the church boy anymore...