Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit I'm not a 90's kid.
I was born in 2004 but I still listen to Nirvana,the Stones,GunsandRoses and the Beatles.
This songs makes me depressed for some reason.
Is cute 💖 I speak in spanish, sorrry my english
Me enkantan sus polera , ojala bengan a sudamerika
El mas grande kurt kobain THE BEST SONG
#9 best song of ever
Love this IT makes me stronger
This song still ma favorite❤️❤️.... even tho it’s hell’s old😂💀
This is a fucking anthem
Wow when I was a chronic Alcoholic. I remember this song very well. I have moved out of the neighbor hood. I also didn't go back until five years later. until I knew I was ready, @ fight my demands. Little did I find out, that  went back to the bar where I use to always go. Come to find out, that did not recognized  anybody. it was a new generation. I started lmao it was like I was never missed.It's all about that 401 k, because I guarantee u, everybody is, going to go there own way.
Normal American high school :D
amo nirvana
Vem aqui Neymar, jogar Call of Duty com os pracas!
2k17 still enjoyin it like the first time
Perfect Song :D
Une pure merveille
j'ai honte de pas avoir réellement écouter plus top ,_, ._.
It's hard to sing with marbles in your mouth.