[Official Video] Problem - Pentatonix (Ariana Grande Cover)

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[Official Video] Problem - Pentatonix (Ariana Grande Cover)

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[Official Video] Problem - Pentatonix (Ariana Grande Cover) Lindos amo vocês
Mitch I love u
Beatboxing, rapping, strong voices, music with mouth, voices from low to high, good music video, perfect clothes, beautifull people with supahh voices and they are the best Group in the world!!!


Love ya PENTATONIX!! <3
I love it when Mitch raps
Like oh my god bro👍👍👍👍👌
I love it
My new ringtone
2:11 Ah ah, what, ticks with mouth aaahhhhaaaa

:O so good
A few days ago I re-played TWICE (KPOP GG) Sixteen when momo danced to this song I was boomed by the song so I searched it up so it brought me here I was amazed that you could do this wat wonderful talents you have Im just 13 and I want to respect and appreciate what your doing even though avi left the group rooting for you, FIGHTING PTX!!!
Rap.....was osum
It's so good....
Mitch sounds like ziggy igs for feal
Better than original!!!!!!
as vezes esqueco que sao eles que faz todo esse som ! eles tem muito talento , # te amo pentatonix
i love that they had a. male do ariannas part. Its a change up from other peoples covers
You know what's best? Listing with 3/4 of the volume and closing your eyes.
Avi should have stayed. This groups is just perfect. 2017 and I still like the song.
"Listen to me." I'm all yours lol. Like seriously his voice is sick just like of of their voices! Like we have a woman with an angel voice, a man with an angel voice as well, a human bass, a man who can be a woman too and another awesome singer who also can be a bass pretty good! And together they are just perfect!!
They all have different voices!
And its an great combination!
They have: Rap skills, beatbox skills, sing skills, low and high voice!!! And they make their music with their mouth!!! OMFG best band from 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 and more years!!!
MOMO !!!!!!!