OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video

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OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video

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OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video I don't understand how the entire world is not holding its breath waiting for their next video. Real talent going unrecognized here.
When an asshole says higher level math is not useful, except to scientists, please direct them to these videos. You can create some cool shit using math.
7,900 guitars dislike this music video...
OK GO: Hello is this Gretsch? We'd like to order about 30 dozen guitars to be slapped with a car and a rubberstick.
Gretsch: Wat.
Honestly ive listened to this song so many times since my worst break up... Wooooh i''m a downer, yet alone at that
Did we get it?
When i was little in 2012 my mom showed me this.
It was one of the best things that have happened to me.
I have not listened to OK go in years.
i came back.
i just want to say Thank You for existing.
you are the best band in the world.
Did we get it?...

Это прекрасно!!!!!!
You design and build all that, and then you use a friggin' Chevy/Daewoo??

You're making music and you pick a car (if you can call that thing a car) which certainly doesn't make any music! Even an old Alfa with a Busso V6 would be brilliant, and you can find those for about a nickel.
차 가 맘에듬
jeez expert driving bro!
I once knew a girl who believed in aliens, demons, and the illuminati, but insisted that this video was totally fake.
2018...my chevy still runs!!! Ok Goooooooooo
The Best There Is Out There. GENIUSES I Love Yah All!!SOLDIERS!!!
“This is the new Chevy cruise”
First saw this on a direct tv thing.
I diss this video because it just proves money can do things. The music is just so so.
кто тут от джова