One More Light (Official Video) - Linkin Park

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One More Light (Official Video) - Linkin Park

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One More Light (Official Video) - Linkin Park One more light
R.I.P Chester Idolo
I still feel the pain that you left when you go,i grow up with your songs,i live each album,i feel each scream of you,and still my heart cant take the pain....when you died a part of me died,my sons wont have the fortune of see you sing in live...that part of my life that i think one day we can make true¡¡but never can be,because now you are gone,but you will live in my memories the rest of my life.........i cant take it ........i wish i can hear u sing one more time,and know you are in a good place......but you sell your soul to de Devil for this.....and we cant do anything about that......still,ill be missing you.Grate man,grate human,my favorite singer.forever.
How can this only have 92 mil views? (May 2018)
R.I.P. Chester .
I bet this is their least favorite song that they’ve made because it’s the last song they made with Chester.😫😩😢😪🤧 .#️⃣➖one singer .R.I.P. Chester
Literally a few days after Hybrid theory was releases, I remember walking in a music store in Canada and asked what CD was worth buying at the time cause I was looking for something different. He said: "You need to buy LP, there is nothing like it. You'll see this will become big".

Last year, there was still nothing like LP.
It's been a year and I am still crying everytime a hear this song. :(
Now I see who I was being stupid...not supporting one of my favourite bands because they are doing different music from WAY back...And the only thing I said was "Come back with the old type music,why you changed?!" I never met Linkin Park neither Chester it was one of my dreams but it's not possible anymore I'm 14 so I never had a chance to met them but he is going to live in our hearts forever...R.I.P Chester We <3 You
The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.. Chester was different. He burned brighter than anyone else I've known and even though he did dim at sometimes, he never went out completely and he never will because his memory will live on forever. Rest Peacefuly
Chester we love you forever
How can i stop the pain in my heart?How can i stop the tears from falling like a river?I cant......Even now after so long i still cry every time i listen to Chester's voice.Sometimes i look at the sky at night and see the million stars that are there and some fliker...And i see him...."I care" he said....I care to...We all do...Every soldier in the world does...Rest i peace my heart.I...We will never forget you......
How to stop listen again??
Legends NEVER die ! ❤❤❤
I believe that he killed himself because of his reclasos of his teasing accept as is the people that erasu style towards things as they were guiding him : yo creo que el se mato por culpa de sus rechasos de sus burlas acepten como es la gente ese erasu estilo el hacia las cosas como a el le gutaban
anse at peace chester: que descanse en paz chester
У меня трое детей и они обожают LP, а старший все песни знает и поёт все партии Честера. Спасибо Вам за то, что Вы делаете.
Thank you for making this. Was so needed. Much love out to the band family and for Chester's family. He is so loved and so missed.
Still here.
From Italy.
The woman I Love just sent me this today,and Im breaking down crying. I Love her even more for this.💚