OneRepublic - Feel Again

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OneRepublic - Feel Again

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OneRepublic - Feel Again Fravega?
Honestly in my top five favorite songs ever! His voice and this sound is addicting! 🙌🏼💙💕🎼👌🏼
I'm going to play this every time I get wonderlust....which is everyday.😇😏
🎶A little wiser now because you showed me🎶 gets me every time.😭lol
Finally found the name of this song! One Republic truly makes inspiration music.
Zach at 1:21...looking so damn fine and super cool papi <3
i assume they write their music in tibet while meditating, since it's deeply soulful
I really wish onerepublic was more popular in the UK, I litterally almost had a heart attack when I heard "love runs out" in a shopping centre the other day because over here you barley ever hear onerepublic
this hits me right in the minecraft days oof
just cannot stop listening to this awesome song !!!
And I still remember it
I was five when I heard this
this band is so underrated omg
I got a commercial about binge watching as I'm binge watching music videos 😂😂 Oh how ironic
This was our song.
that's one of the stars he forgot to count
love you -"one republic"-great music!!!