OneRepublic - Feel Again

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OneRepublic - Feel Again

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OneRepublic - Feel Again 2018?
It's the best song forever!!!!!
P.s I l also seen a guy I really like but I miss him he works in a shop with his dad i he,s intelligent funny and we have chemistry and make me feel again like the lyrics of this song but he younger than me but when l talk to him l feel I am younger,I can,t see him tho till l stop being upset over my evil mom who tries to drag me down ,I have had years of hell with my family and just wish I could escape from it all with that guy but don't think his dad would like it ,he male him put career as self employed HGV drive and all thier shops they got ,he never get time for birdz which is sad ,so I have to keep going in his shop and chat him up when there no customers but might leave it ,because I don't look good at the moment l cry xxxx
You know that song that you've been searching for your whole life?

Yeah it's this song
NASA has done this to me for 37 years. Nobody can stop them because their the worst Administration in the World! Took me out of school after i was put on the eligibility list to get hired. President Obama sealed it with his stamp because his administration and the Entertainment Industry exploited me.
Kenny Casted
Im numb feeling nothing but permanent pain thats spinning toward the temporary. Nasa has done something they werent supposed to do. Nasa keeps connecting satellites, comouters, us military aircraft, power plants, agencies, departments, etc. To my spinal cord. Not once twice but hundreds of millions to billions of times using the ISS...It hurts...
Its nice to hear the taking the break.
Kenny Vawter
This song was published on my birthday😁❤
2018 anyone?
Listening to this song for infinity of time but only now i can relate, that's a memory orb with feeling inside. Inside Out was inspired by this very song ! <3
2018 <3
Why do I just now keep finding songs from 2012??
This song is perfect. Fits what I'm feeling and going through right now to a "t".
My soul dances when i hear this song 💜
throwback to dem good old days where we had a masterpiece like dis GOD BLESSED MY CHILDHOOD
The outro is the best 👌
2018 👌
Thanks guys for being here. The world is better with your songs.
2018 i'm still here...
넘 좋아요.