OneRepublic - Kids

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OneRepublic - Kids

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OneRepublic - Kids 2018
One republic deserves more than it has!
The boy looks like Phillipe Coutinho
I swear this song should've gotten more likes
This song makes me smile...thinking of the best times of my life, especially high school! Love this song!😉
Am feelin sorry for the world for ignoring this masterpiece and adoring Despashit
don't know why this song has no billions of views !!!!!!!it seems its still round the
great $$$$$
Eu adoro OneRepublic se você também adora de um like🎶🎶🎶
i lov this song it inspiers me
Wow the music is so deep and the video is amazing 😘😍 #OneRepublic one of the great bands in era 🙌💗🙏 I wonder why this song didn't reach billions of views 😞😞
It's a very music perfect
Ahh Ryan is beautiful....
very good video
1:41 Dulce María ❤️
My all time favorite... 😍😍