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OneRepublic - Kids

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OneRepublic - Kids It's fabulous......!
fui a única que notou a Dulce Maria♥nesse clipe?
He look like brad Pitt on fury
A partir dessa música virei fã incondicional 😍❤❤❤🎧
OneRepublic - Kids :D
The girl who plays the radio for One Republic's kids, meets a guy who wanted to be in love with her.
How is this not their biggest hit? .......its perfect
The entertainment industry (especially the evil American one) wants people to consume crap music/entertainment. Here we have a brilliant song with a unique video. Not the usual trashy modern top 40 teen rock/edm/hip hop video, there no drugs, sex, tattoos, feminized guys or naked girls making stupid faces so it's not promoted as much by the music industry. Clean house/pop like this will rarely get the billion views because it's convenient for the US music industry to push most of it's crap music worldwide. In a way, that's a good thing. Leave the good songs and good videos for those in the minority who prefer good audiovisuals.
Y de repente un comentario en español xdxd
Quero Música one Repiblic Feat Dulce Maria😍😍😍😍😍😍sonho
Just love it
Such a great song ❤
BRs? 👀❤🍃
nice song ♥ love you evelyn :) xd
Would you like a freedom, nice track//
Take a look arround...
This song makes me wanna be a kid for ever and never grow up😁🤗
Does anyone else think it's weird that she's wearing a jacket but he's wearing a t-shirt? Is it warm or cold?
Yo entreno en combate con esta canción😍
Solid Camera movement and continuity editing.. plus great song..But the product placement in the beginning... :D