Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Saint Etienne

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Saint Etienne

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Saint Etienne My bad I'm an idiot
I was born 10 years too late.
She is beautiful & true music lasts forever! The 90's are all but forgotten yet it was a gorgeous time!
in 2050 this is a hit
Isobel.C, thank you for sharing your story, it is really appreciated. This is a brilliant song that was one of the songs that soundtracked my life in the early 90's and still sounds great today. And your Mom's vocals on it are excellent.
BoomBaby Leggooooo
my frineds are huge fans of theirs. they had some good records.
Es preciosa parece una muñeca . ♡♥
Muy cierto :(
Beautiful Song
Stuck in the middle between right and wrong.
te amoc
Isobel c, I think you're mistaken on who the singer is as unless I'm confused with another st ettienne then her name is Sara/Sarah cracknall and not moira. Forgive me if I've shattered your dream.
Amazing cover, is better what of original
I am of an age when I thought my mates mod parents were from an amazing era in the sixties but my kids must think the eighties and nineties are just as amazing (and long ago).
Slapping!!!! Very Rare
The original is rather disappointing :-)
My memories can break my heart with this song!!!!