Opus - Life Is Life (Live)

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Opus - Life Is Life (Live)

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Opus - Life Is Life (Live) On repeat. Life is life!!!
Stare czasy i to byla muzyka !!!!
It's became famous in 2018 due to nokia
The first time that i heard thiis song I was twelve years old.Now i hear it with my little girl and she likes it too. LIFE IS LIFE! THE BEST SONG ENER.
Im 24 years old & I love this song sooo much😍😍✨✨ wish we can have a festival with all these songs😇
malbayım yok be good old days Fenebahçe :(
Bons tempos👍👍
so deep lyrics.. ahem
alguien mas vino por love is the name de Sofia Carson
Las dos canciones son hermosas
stolen.from laibach
Englisch I love You😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤
2018 y lo sigo viendo♡ verga que cancion mas buena la puta madre lml
Like is like
Un Clasicooo una de las mejores cansiones para manejar tranquilamente a larga distancia
Sofía Carson(8
Mein Herz Brennt! Na na nanana
Diego Maradona