OPUS - Live Is Life - Original Video 1985

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OPUS - Live Is Life - Original Video 1985

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OPUS - Live Is Life - Original Video 1985 Vivir la vida como dios la mande señores siempre felices como de vedeser
Still love this song ... i still remmber sweet dayes when i was young ..ooooooh 80s ... just one day before ... but its 32 years ago .
So, I kind-of want to start something, but it needs some context: This is my all-time favourite song. I first heard it when I was younger, around 5 or 6 years old, and I loved this song back then, but overtime I had forgotten it only remembering the melody. Every now and then I tired to search it up but with no success. Fast forward to 2016 when Sofia Carson dropped "Love Is The Name", I first heard the song on the radio a couple of days after it released, I recognized parts of the instrumental and the "Na Na NaNa Na". This sparked an interest to attempt to rediscover this song from my childhood and after days of looking up everything I could about the song (Love Is The Name) I finally had been reunited with this song (Life IsLife); and it was wonderful.

To me this song means that no matter what happens, that sometimes you should let loose and let life be what it is, take a step back and relax, take a look around and enjoy life. Don't let work pile up, work through it get it done. If you need to, and things are feeling down, surround yourself with friends and family, someone you can talk to; there is always someone out there willing to listen to you, your not alone.
--What does this song mean to you? do you have any personal connections with this song, i'd like to hear other peoples perspectives. Not that you have too, but if you want to, reply with what you have to say.
Like si crees que nunca pasará de moda,
mark an era tge 80"s only hit wonder of opus australian band ,,, great memorries from Costa Rica
yo quisiera saber como coño esta joya solo tiene 12 millones de reproducciones y la basura de te bote de la basura de bad bony tiene mas de mil millones ?? joder con esta humanidad son poco los que se van a salvar al final
Muy buena canción 😉😉😉
I love this song. Greetings from Chicago!
Recuerdo cuando sonaba en los circos en san pedro sula años 80 wow estoy viejo y no me avia dado cuenta😂😂😂😂
Absolutes gute Laune Lied, stimmt schon mal auf das Wochenende ein.
Nice Nice Nice ..........
life is life ---> 27/11/2018
Crazy damn Europeans. Cool old song I had forgotten about but now remember. Gotta love YouTube for this kind of thing.
Dame una papa lay's
Life Is Life for some if u Rich or Famous and don't want to leave.Or the Poor mite say otherwise who struggle theres people better others worst off if life is shaped out to be so many things goin in ya mind brain can be washed
Opus life is life temazo de aquellos buenos recuerdos
Nice moral of the Austrian story circa the 80s
This was a big hit in mexico in 1986. Why this one and no other english songs?