P!nk - Try

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P!nk - Try

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Amo essa música
Junio 2018
Verey good
I agree, such great song 6 years later, love her x
I love this Try more
When it’s too late we wish we would have
when we’re ready willing and able, same deals not on the table He and She to one another live like A Fable only to Be lost Never Ever Truly Able
She is strong
She is so amazing
July 2018?
Pure art in the form of pain! If you don't get it now give it time once life happens you'll understand
1:54 ChockSlam
pink you rock:-):-)
Very interesting video She is SOOO in shape
When I was a baby stool of the song
Could u not imagine how competitive their house is...a house full of daredevils... Luv... Luv.. Luv... Pink and Carey
My song favorite