PAKITO & ELISA - Kizomba

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PAKITO & ELISA - Kizomba

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PAKITO & ELISA - Kizomba Ñ me canso de ver esses dois dançando é lindo demais
ameiii lindos
ameiii lindos
Amo esta musica 😊
немного походили, жопой повиляли и ето танец? хах...
Quero dançar cm alguém 😢
et oui homo et danser sa avec mon mec heuuuu le bonheur oki je reves c est sa lollllll
Thank you.
Ajajaja! Felicito tú asesor de moda! La pinta del tipo!!! Ajajaja! Esos Pantalones y Zapatos!!! RIDICULO!!!! MALANDRO!!! MAL VESTIDO!!!!
Vamos baila 😘👌
KIzomba la pozza d'acqua
bravo trelenome gia to zeugari bravo tous
Braviiiii 😘
CV' cù
I love this so much ❤️👌🏻
C un beug le nombre de vue ou quoi
sono io
I love this video and music so much and this couple expressed so rich and beautiful emotion.. It was an art. And here is the greatness of THE WOMAN..! Watch at the beginning while she approaches him, see this hypnotizing and confident look in her eyes... When you see them dancing it is like seeing a part of life, a part of a story..He looks like an emotionally wounded man and the woman is like holding him on his knees, close in her arms to continue living with courage and happiness. Sometimes they say that in a dance, we men are the ones who lead women but actually women are the ones who lead us! They are like dancing flowers. Their moves... Their beauty... Their elegance and perfection on each and every move... It is the same in real life. They lead our emotions and our decisions and we're just staring at them amazed by their power of beauty..! Women are the best creations... Women are godesses..!