Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video)

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Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video)

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Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video) What the fuck of a shity goat is this shity goat Song. Fucking shit of a baby goat.
since I lost my hair sometimes I really feel like her. Just bald, kinda weird, and just stumbling around through shit and trying to experience all these new things, my sexuality awakening.
What's up with the girl with the potato chip mask.Talented but they some ugly ass lesbians!
Was she getting a golden shower
In da min 3:35 there a penis lol
Ich liebe diese Ihre Musik!!! Würde glatt zum Groupie werden wollen. Außer Björk hat mich noch nie jemand so sehr erwischt. Go on!
Trump 2020
3:17 "Mom, dad...I want to be a musician when I grow up."
Make me unsee it pls
I don't like the song and the music video is terrifying. Shaking the habitual is my favourite knife album btw
Is this a girl or this is a man?
keyboard player Miko Hansson is amazing
This is what The Joker plays in his headphones before he goes to sleep, or while commuting LOL
It's been too damn long,about time my love!
the salvia and gay porn have taken a heavy toll. THIS IS degenerate satanic filth.. Her Talent is wasted , Is this what living in the feminist run sweden does to people? Imagine if u were her child and watched mummys new video, my God, fucked in the head for life.. white people are dying out... but these sorts I dont mind , SICKOS !
I can only play ESO when this song is playing :)
just weird