Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video)

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Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video)

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Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video) Wait a minute. I think this song has sexual undertones.
I love this so much. I screamed and then laughed when I first saw it
I like when they feed you!! lol
Omfg gimps in Sweden. Wtf is this 😂🎵🎶🔊🔊🔊🔊
Omfg so wild and unexpected
Idgaf what people think, this is music. I only really like metal but fuck this is amazing, just great expression. its art
This shit is like a nightmare.
Filthy mentally lesbians called SUCKS ..Looks like Pelosi on the Senate floor
This is not art, it is ritual desecration. I can never unsee this abomination, and I can never seriously listen to the good remnants of Fever Ray or the Knife again.
I really really really like this song. the whole album. there is something so intoxicating and intense about this album..... I'm obsessed.
....I wish...
3:16 LIP(s)TON
Just thought I'd check out more songs by Fever Ray and somehow wondered into the weird side of Youtube
This girl is the color of my soul.
Fever ray is so fucking feminist I can't even handle it. I love this so much
Not the best fever ray song
Fever ray loves TRUMP
all you talking how the knife this song is as if it was an insult
frankly i miss early the knife, i'm not a fan of silent shout, dont like shaking the habitual and felt super repulsed by fever ray's first album as a whole (some songs are cool, but not the entire album imo). and of course i had a mental breakdown when the knife which was my favorite band for so many years quit. there is no other band like the knife. i know some people try to compare them with artists like crystal castles or salem or oOoOO or even grimes, but i listen to each and hell i can distinguish this something very unique about the knife that makes it its own genre and category. i love that i can hear something a little the knifey after years : - )
so i'm leaving my positive comment in this section in hope some knife nostalgic kid will stumble upon it and feel happy
Not all heroes wear capes.
3:23 perfect place for an ashtray