Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video)

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Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video)

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Part III: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back (Official Video) every time i hear this i swear to god it's from the Ape Escape soundtrack
Im confused on what's going on here
rammstein did it first, the pussy i mean
I took The Plunge and ordered the cd.
This is almost like a happy k-pop Marilyn Manson video
Art and indiviuality will never die! I like the song!
Well then.
What an utter load of crap.
Feel the KNIFE. Come back to us!!
She really said what she had to say, and I’m so fucking glad for it.
She reminds me of Billy Corgan in this video lol.
Not a fan.
amazing. im a fan now i guess.
Vile, sick, strange, and depraved. How did this disgusting person become famous? Probably because disgusting people enjoy it.
she is the mother of revolution
I was hoping for something more like the first album, but so far this is great too. I like the shift in tone, didn't think I would but it's growing on me. Also lol, "I want to run my fingers up your pussy". Never change, Karin.
I think one of the ladies accidentally spilt some wine on her face at 3:17 - looks like she took in all in good spirits though.
Quite a departure from the country music channel. Alice in Wonderlands Mad Hatters Tea Party on super hallucinogens
te amo laka