PARTYNEXTDOOR - Come and See Me [Official Music Video]

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PARTYNEXTDOOR - Come and See Me [Official Music Video]

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PARTYNEXTDOOR - Come and See Me [Official Music Video] I know im not the only one. @Fansome babypanda
Thank Canada for this music
PND was down for Kylie but im glad she messed up. He deserves better ....
i could have sworn it was come and see me first
when you are here for KYLIE JENNER -
I miss my ex-boyfriend but I think its better when we not around each other 😘😭✌️
anyone else here drake at 2:58 or is it just me??
this whole time i was putting the Weekend's face on this man...shrugs first time ever seeing him
Full Version of this is on SoundCloud. But definitely a awesome slow tune to chill to.
I like😉
Still better than those sh$t videos Tyga had her on.
fire video fire music. my video just got released 3 days ago and im already at 133k ima be on this level soon. swear
ngl this video is fire and kylie looks peng
that piano tho, smh haha
This song remind me of my ex cause she told me about this song like a year ago but anyway, back in 2015 me and her used to be goals asf I just really love this girl man. But we end up breaking up during last summer and that broke my heart like I used to be goofy but now I'm more serious and chill, It fucked me over and I had other stuff going on too so I end up getting depressed, I didn't know what I do for this to happened, maybe she just got tired of me... but I literally stay up all night 24/7, that was when I wss in 8th grade but now I'm a freshman I end up going to a different school and shit.. But the thing she got a boyfriend now and we broke up like almost a year now and I still miss her, I never tripped so much over a girl bru, I still think about her everyday and she knows that too.... I'm just tired of being broken 💔
Everybody going to dog on kylie, but completely skipped khloe who was dating a baller at the time she was in this video. And it's just a video she got paid to kiss him. Chill the hell out!! #Kardashjennfan4life