PARTYNEXTDOOR - Come and See Me [Official Music Video]

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PARTYNEXTDOOR - Come and See Me [Official Music Video]

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PARTYNEXTDOOR - Come and See Me [Official Music Video] I wonder how much Kylie charged for this cameo!
this dude and russ are killing it
Kyrie diss track.😒😒😒😒😒😒
PND fucking here
This is so okay
still can't get enough of this song
can yall go check out my music on page? im trying to get my music heard.
I love this song
Kylie always liked that choco dick
seriously? Kylie? out of all the girls you get her? this would have been better if it was a brown skin blk girl
Party is a Mississauga Boy. signed to OVO, makes dope shit. Wrote "Work", made $$$$.
1:05 God Tiller
Why am I here from 2k
Kylie jenner is the baddest bitch out there i cant think of anyone that can compare to her
Power bought me here ❤️❤️
Kylie made an arrogant move using her own makeup brand like grill ok we see you, you can chill now grill.
No this ugly ole Tyrannosaurus rex lookin mthrfckr didn't just take Drake out the video and song because Kylies ole Muppet face lookin ass.
com essa noiss chora ein
I love partynewtdoor ....😎😎😎😎