Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

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Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

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Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al I think it’s a funny video, Paul is so short compared to Chevy!
So had a great friend in high school that called me Betty...
I can call you Peggy, and Peggy you can call me Al
I have no currency. You can call me Al. Or A.I.
I just love all of your songs, this one though the longest (32 years) and Homeward bound the most
Man, people used to make good music...
This one proves you don't need much to make an amazing music video. What an absolute classic.
Chevy is a tall dude.
Paul comes out as a talented professional.
''get these mutts away from me''.lol
Oh my gosh. All these years I thought he said 'i can call you Eddy' but it's Betty! Totally ruined it for me lol
When I look on the mirror I see Jesus and I get bored and want to jump on the sound of angels spinning in the architecture
Fun fact....Chevy is that 1/10000 of the population that has perfect pitch.
I’m just here because of George Ezra
1986 New York Mets win 108 games beat the Houston Astros in an epic NLCS and move on to take the Boston Red Sox down in 7 games.. I was a young kid at game 6 wasn’t even in school about 4 years old remember hearing this song st Shea Stadium the night of the epic game 6 the Mets won that memorable New York night!!..
call me al
I've no idea what this sing is about but I love also.
Also Chevy Chase was a literal giant
Who's watching this in the 80s?
I never understood why the sound is quieter on this song than others. This video does it as does my CD at home. Maybe I should just grab it in vinyl. lol
Pam: “Sorry, but are we going to walk down the aisle to You Can Call Me Al???”