Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

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Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

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Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al Love the way these 2 fit The choreography is amazing as well as funny as all get out
Family guy brought me here 😂
Don't kno why this song popped in my head....
Coach pick.
Paul Simon rocked that bass. Dang
I am 39 yet i just discovered this just today. And its a new song to me. I love it
The truth is stranger than fiction about that cartoon graveyard. Let's not wind up there.
After all these years this video still makes me laugh.
Why can I call you Al? Your name is Paul. Paul Simon.
white people soul music
I am so incredibly blessed to have seen Paul Simon on his farewell tour. If I remember right, this is what he ended the main set with, before the two encores.
I found it !
It's Weird That This Music Video Is So Interesting, Even Though It's Just Them Sitting Down.
This was awesome!
One is very tall or one is very short. Who cares great song great video!!!
Perfect 10
So Chevy Chase is like 9 feet tall?
I love this song! The horns are great!
Such a simple yet effective music video concept! Y'all are right. Music videos today suck.
A time before smart phones - f**k me I want that life back