Peter Andre - "Mysterious Girl" (Official Music Video)

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Peter Andre - "Mysterious Girl" (Official Music Video)

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Peter Andre - "Mysterious Girl" (Official Music Video) anyone 2018?
is dil kia hai dharkan dharkan mai kia hai sajan ♡
I swear 90% of the shots in this vid are on Andres lush 6 pack 😂
My pals girlfriend discovered Pete, brought him to the uk then her work partner stabbed her in the back and took over as his sole manager! That’s the bitch in his reality series? Not sure if she is still his manager? Maybe???
Love it
Reminds me of my darling n Jonjon Rest in Beautiful Peace my Darling I loved from the day I met u I miss you very much 💔😢😢😢
I reckon hes got chicken legs underthose jeans
Still a tune to this day
Hahahaha it has a cute and funny music video, first time to listen to it and I like it!
No one likes me💀
When they kept on walking together all I could think of was a Oreo ...
2054 🤪🤪
This song will be play until the world ends
Like father like son. My dad used to love this song and played it many times till it stuck in my mind
May 2018!
2020 anyone? :)
Had a massive crush on him 😂😂
2018.....ANYONE HERE