Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ)

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Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ)

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Why do we still send our children to school? Force fed centrally determined crap. Make your own mind.
I want this to b played at a school talent show and then when the solo hits the kids watching start messing up everything.
Next time I explore an abandoned school, I will be thinking about this song. Love Pink Floyd
Cuando era niño siempre me daba cosa ver este videoclip.. hoy de grande también jaja
My dad let me watch a pink Floyd video when I was little, I think it was "The Wall" well it bloody freaked me out after several songs of trippy shit! Bloody good tho. Love it now still.
Atirei o Pau no Gato
Cadê os BR?
it must make things for porn

not me
the4y havent
주체할수없던 그   -   80초  격동이였던그   . . . . .  -  율도백작  -
Trump approves
BR <3
Sadly, this lyric is same for just a few years ago korea school's. and many of korea high school students(who borned 1999~2001)leave at school 10 pm...
So we know that educational institutions are not neutral but are used as a preserver and guarantor of the current system
Miss this album!
What is your favorite pink Floyd song???
First time i listen to this song, and i liked it
eksplozivno odlična.