Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video)

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Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video)

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Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video) tbh rap is only bad because of these stupid mumble rappers , but yes my gen of music is bad, however classic rock is GREAT
Thanks playa you got hoodwinked yall
Algum brasileiro?
I'm going to watch today in Salvador Bahia Brasil 17/10/2018
this music video is too good
2:05 sesilia tayaishvili
Fascists fucks must not speak english, only explanation for them to show up at Rogers concerts, fuck you
Maldición Jimbo el Socialismo no funciona
Viva o capitalismo!!!
Kkkkkkk o cara faz uma música criticando o dinheiro, mas não vive sem ele, será que faria um show de graça? Hipócritas
Hipocrisia do krl hein
Great song but the video didn't do it justice - destined for the US market where they wouldn't know what "buy me a football team" meant...
2:06 !!!!!!!!! :)
No Tengo Dinero
we all here
Fucking money gateway.
Classic of pink floyd
Who are we really serving?