Pitbull - Options (Lyric Video) ft. Stephen Marley

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Pitbull - Options (Lyric Video) ft. Stephen Marley

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Pitbull - Options (Lyric Video) ft. Stephen Marley Love this song and the lyrics
I got options too... get out of bed or drop out. Haven't figured out which one is the top one yet
LOVE THIS SONG!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥
pitbull i am feeling so sick and bumped out i need your good Karma in my life you poses a free spirt which i love in a person and you have amazing id be tickled pink to see you in a pink hot pink shirt with an ugly christmas tie come down my chimney for christmas
i dont got your number pitbull i wish i had it if i meet you in person id pass out after i told you how much i adore you
for u Sör Pittbull
I keep hearing this on a stone love mix, I knew it was a Marley but not Stephen, I thought it was Ky-mani Marley...... currently on repeat!
You are so ooooooooooogoood
t got i got
I love you nb ridas sorry if l spelled your name ring but I love you that's all that maters
we are expecting better
I love this song
Romania love you Pitbull 😍 #MrWorldWide
i love you pitbull
so good¡¡¡
Amazing featuring !!! chillin' vibes <3
omg new music good👍👍👍
is that Layla London?