Prince & The New Power Generation - Gett Off (Official Music Video)

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Prince & The New Power Generation - Gett Off (Official Music Video)

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Prince & The New Power Generation - Gett Off (Official Music Video) My girlfriend and I watched this yesterday.... today she told me that she’s pregnant
everybody grab a body
pump it like u want somebody.........................
I really like this song
My boyfriend keeps singing this song to me and sending e alien emoji singing this lol.
At least. ..I am ..telling ...the ...truth
I am ...sorry. ...okay. ...????
the rock? ;-)
Thanks for the love message thru this song Tricia Roberts let's "GET OFF" as much as possible, looking forward to the future with you~
Oops my mistake. I thought he said24Positions, and a one night stand.hmm I guess i was a little ambitious😏😉
That poor helpless girl is about to get creamed by Prince and she knows it!
Hmmm looks like Pearl was his favourite after all :)
I guess everybody has their favorite. Mine is kiss. I love that song. This was too raunchy for me. I think after Prince got religion he was ashamed of this kind of stuff. I don't know though he probably would do it all the same if he could do it over again. Lol.!, I miss him and I hope he rests in peace.
2 words eargasam
Is prince getting bummed at the beginning?
Iconic!!! Missing his presence.
Can’t recall the vocal Beauty dressed in white. Name??
One can get impregnated just by watching this video. Awesome. Sexy. Suave!
23 position in a one night stand
Hmm Delightfully erotic and sensual. This is tantric heaven! 😍🙌🏽🧜🏾‍♀️☁️🐍🌸🌿✨