Prince - When Doves Cry (Official Music Video)

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Prince - When Doves Cry (Official Music Video)

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Prince - When Doves Cry (Official Music Video) This is the most awesomest masterpiece of musical art I've ever heard
4K dislikes? Really? Who's rebelling against good music? Must be autobots!!!
Prince was the man!!!
God damn baby rip to a legend🤤💜
Prince was muscular AF
R.I.P Prince. One of the greatest gone forever
This song will never sound dated.
wow his music is very powerful and i'm only 12 ;-;
RIP prince. You really lived up to your name.
How can u leave me standing alone in a world so cold..
I'm just soooo thankful I got to see Prince in concert several years ago.... he was and will always be a true musical genius 😍
way to gay xD
I let my cat listen to this song he is now a lion.
Michael is the best.
He is so damn MOIST 💕
That guitar intro is everything. RIP my first crush.
I'm just like my father too bold love you toy
Oh prince was so sexy