Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)

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Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)

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Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video) i finally found the origin of that Thanks a bunch gif. I can sleep now.
He looks like Robert Smith from The Cure...
So very creepy
He looks like micheal jackson....
God this reminds me of Brandon Rogers
Who are 2k ppl who don’t like this.. anyway... this made me smile.
What I find incredibly endearing about Freddie and this video is that even though he was so ill at that stage, he looked so at peace just being quirky and happy. He knew he didn't have long left on this world so he chose to enjoy every moment of it. And I say, more power to him. He made every moment count.
Me too bitch.
I feel like Edward Scissorhands was based off this...
The way John Deacon looks at Freddie at 2:13 is killing me xD
Freddie ...moja laska
I listen him say in day out. Keeps my mind off hey you have ca cancer,. When the pain and so hurts i come right time here here and listen his song's. I ave a gofundme set up to aid with my surgery and all proofs are within my instageam page and in the gofund. Swing over
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He was a genius, cool crazy, sophisticated. He delivered each vocals. You are one in infinity. We love darling.
Besides looking sickly skinny freddie was such a babe.
It's the music - its in the fabric of life, its the air we breathe.
Does anybody remember a time in their life when Queen didn't exist?
This music video is sad because it’s in 1991.... Rip Freddie😢
This was my favorite Queen song growing up. So underrated 💔