Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)

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Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)

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Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video) Owo!
I'm Korean so i don't know This song what means.

But it's really wonderful!
Brian with a pengiun has too be the cutest thing ever!!!
3:13 I honestly hope Roger was not choking while recording that part D:
2:40 that sounds so fucking good
John looks so done with everything this entire video and i cant
Why Freddie Mercury is my spirit animal.
You could say the 3.2k people who disliked this went slightly mad
How the hell did Brian play the guitar with those long fingernails??
this song is very strange but is incredible , good, all are incredible 😌❤️
Me: I’m addicted to something too addicting
Random Guy: What Cocaine
Me: No
Random Guy: Heroin
Me: No
Random Guy: Pot, Weed, Cigarettes
Me: No No and No
Random Guy: Than What then
Me: Queen
Random Guy: Oh
I wonder if this can count as a Goth song, considering Freddie looks like Depp and wikipedia considered his look to be based off Goth subculture. Cos, if it is the case, Queen really has covered everything.
roger found his maracas in 0:53
4:04 Коротко о моих снах......
Very nice song and video.
I’m so confused

I love it
For any other band this song wouldn’t work, but for Queen, this ridiculousness makes sense.
i want this mini red special
UUhhhggg I absolutely love this video!! Being able to find joy and humor in such a sad time is commendable.