Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)

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Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)

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Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video) So beautiful sad haunting funny and all at the same time! Such a masterpiece. Poor Freddie looked so sick here and yet so strong.. what a man! Rest sweet angel, you're truly missed
Imagine this playing anytime a new employee would go to Slightly Mad Studios.😆
all of them look kinda old except for freddie.
I think I'm a banana tree
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Madness Level: Slightly Mad
Pretty scary
I have a color still of Freddie in this video and he has the colorful bedspead, yes his bedspread on the floor and he is in a dramatic Freddie pose. His entire outfit was padded to hide his frail frame.Ravaged by sickness his sheer beauty was still breathtaking. Maybe because he bares himself to us, no words, near death, as is. But owns it, as only Freddie can,he owns every bit of that picture. I have loved Freddie since the 70's..he made me laugh, cry, roll my eyes and gave us alot to read in the Tabloids. Best songwriter, singer, who totally immeresed himself in every song. Sorry my little Freddie tribute is so long..but I loved him so.
i think this is really really cool clip!
I think I'm a banana tree.
2:03 "I think I'm a banana tree" that's my favorite part.
Sexy man ...
I love this sing und the Video ❤❤
A few singers out there will cancel concerts and tours and will delay recording if they have a stomach ache or a cold. Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDs and even when he had deteriorated so much that it was time to give up, he kept going (just like in this video) and always was as lively as he was before. He's in inspiration. We still miss you Freddie!!
me and gay partner Stephen Clarke who likes and loves and shares a passion of all queen music forever
Hats off to him .it shows that what u love the most keeps u going
Imagine trying to explain this to the zoo where you got the penguins from
Who watching in 2634?
when you realize EE isn't for you