Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)

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Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)

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Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video) I freaking love this video! It's so fun!
Agua en tu refri :v
Fantastic song 😀👌
Cuánto retrasando escuchando está popo
Jajaj❤🤘♥hermoso clásico!!
Aun que le decíamos "no hay agua en tu referí"!😂
80's music videos, when the lead singer of a band dressing up in drag with a mustache vacuuming didn't seem strange at all. Oh lord how I miss the 80's!
Best front man ever.
Performance is Artfully Done. Majestic!
I've falling in love... I've falling in love and I know this time's for real.... I love the lyrics but I'm thoughtful about these lyrics.. but Queen probably thought... it's a song and it just a trace about a naive person who ia inexperienced.... hey wait a minute that's exactly how I felt my first time...ha ha ha .... I remember my first love Evelyn ...oh man she was such a slut !.....point taken...ha ha ha ...
Agua en tu refrigerador ah no es refri:v
This song is so catchy 💝 queen and Michael Jackson who was friends with Freddie Mercury at the time
Roger Taylor looks like that young wan from Corry
Great song...There will always be one Freddie. No one else.
You are free, legend!
A legend.
Brasil 2018 ✌❤