Radiohead - Lotus Flower

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Radiohead - Lotus Flower

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Radiohead - Lotus Flower PV最高にgreate!!!!!!!
hes stoned and happy
A Genius in every way. Has been my savior since 94!
I know this is outright sacrilege, but playing this muted with The Girl from Ipanema in the background connects with me on a spiritual level.
Start both at the same time for maximum effect and enjoy ;)
Just found this dark and haunting cover of Creep! Pretty cool reimagining.
The most crappy video that I have ever seen from this band.
Gotta love the authenticity of that dance
Directly from the Planet of the Freaking Goods !...
Om mane Padme=Wisdom is lotus.Peace inside out.
3:07 He'seither a zombie on The Walking Dead or he's walking around drunk.
Watch Mojo: He sucks at dancing to the music
Me: He is the music
A fucking icon
Timeless British genius.
nice job guy.
This is a great song.
1:26 Ummm... Okay...
Josh Homme sent me here
Coolest fucker on the planet period...and humble with it too!!
Very rare 👊
He's, Didi, Gogo, Lucky, and the tree, all rolled into one. If you don't know what I mean, I am certain he does.