Radiohead - Lotus Flower

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Radiohead - Lotus Flower

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Radiohead - Lotus Flower My god he is pretentious. Holy shit.
maynard james keenan has a similar stage presence (weird body movements). i wonder if they've ever met and what they think of each other, and each others music.
He's dancing like typical old Russian alcoholic.
I see he dance on travesuras
why his dancing like a gay?
wtf is this
this is my fave song by radiohead. i do the dance when im training in gym alone. yes im nuts to
Ruben Albarran british version.
Alguien que hable español
Was this choreographes by Wayne McGregor or not? The same guy who choreographed Chroma and Undance? I'm confused
A lot of drugs, the moves are cooool
This man is on a different level from us.
ტომჩიკ, ძალიან გავხარ ჩემს მეგობარ ბეკერას 😘
His dancing goes well with the rythim of the song. :)
Восторг!!! Том Йорк впечатляет! Талантливый музыкант и скажем так культовая фигура не одного поколения..Впервые Radiohead услышал в конце 90,начале 2000. Такая ирония реальности , которая близка миллионам людей..
he really could have polished up those moves a bit beforehand
David Spade meets Beck
I might be dead or alive because of this video. Idk yet
Can anybody identify thom yorke's wardrobe in this video?
That's how you dance kids! Thom Yorke in this video and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction! Two best dance ever!